9 Things that Should Not Be in the Bedroom

9 Things that Should Not Be in the Bedroom

The harmony of the bedroom, and even the whole house, is created through the details. Many of them often go unnoticed, although you probably suffer from their negative consequences.

To make sure that you feel great in the bedroom and can relax well in it, you should follow some principles. Most of them are related to the influence of things on your energy and mental activity.

9 things that should not be in the bedroom

1. Flowers

Many people have flowers all over the house. However, flowers in the bedroom are a bad idea. It has nothing to do with the myth that they allegedly steal oxygen at night, it’s a matter of energy.

According to feng shui experts, flowers contribute to infidelity and betrayal. They represent romance romances and can attract this type of marital problem.

In addition, flowers can die because the bedrooms are usually poorly lit. In addition, plants can accumulate dust, which is very harmful to allergy sufferers.

But we must also point to the positive effects: plants help regulate temperature, reduce noise, and have a calming effect.

2. Bright colors

Orange, red, and yellow images represent the energy of fire – the complete opposite of the peace that people seek to find in their bedrooms.

Although they can have a positive effect on passion, they also motivate jealousy and mistrust.

Instead, we recommend shades of brown.

3. TVs or Wi-Fi

Many people enjoy watching TV in bed. However, this is not the best alternative for the bedroom. Both TVs and wireless devices, such as Wi-Fi routers, have radiation that damages a good night’s sleep.

If you can’t move them out of the room, place quartz next to them, as it is able to absorb these waves.

4. Clutter in the closet

Even if you close the door to avoid seeing the clutter, cluttered closets should be avoided in the bedroom.

These things that take up space prevent new energies from entering, so they should not be in the bedroom. In addition, refusing to get rid of things you don’t need will also affect your life when it comes to material things.

5. Mirrors

This is one of the main warnings of feng shui about the place where we rest. Mirrors reflect energy, so this energy will move to and from your body and the mirror at night.

You can move the mirror to another room.

6. Cluttered table

It’s almost like a cluttered closet, except you can see it all. Try not to leave everything on the table if you have a table in the bedroom.

This visually contaminates the place and also gives a feeling of disorganization and incompleteness of tasks. Your mind will subconsciously transfer this into your daily life, even if you don’t even remember what’s in your bedroom.

7. Ceiling fans

Feng Shui experts say that ceiling fans constantly redistribute energy. This prevents a quiet night’s rest. They claim that the best choice is air conditioners or stand-mounted fans that can be moved from one place to another.

8. Things under the bed

Many people keep boxes or other things under the bed, but it’s a bad idea. They should not be in the bedroom.

They absorb your energy, prevent it from circulating, and prevent new opportunities from entering your life. In addition, it has a negative effect if you sleep in the room with your partner.

Moreover, the bed should be at least 5 inches above the floor. This helps to strengthen the sense of power and hierarchy.

9. Things to work or train

It’s nice to have a skillful bike or elliptical trainer at home. But you definitely shouldn’t keep them in your bedroom!

They distract you, dispel your thoughts, and direct your energy to other goals than rest.

You will improve your personal space and relax better by following these recommendations. You will see the results every day in your work, mood, and relationships with others.

If you still have these things in the bedroom, try to get rid of them as soon as possible!

Picture Credit: Unsplash