Getting More Bathroom Space

Thanks to the modernization of the bathroom, you not only improve comfort and quality of life, but also invest in preserving the value of your property.

For a quick and easy upgrade, you need to take the following steps:

  • Set goals and make a list: which parts of the bathroom should become better, what needs to be updated?
  • How big will the modernization be: maybe you want to change the bath for the shower (or vice versa)? Make sure that your desires coincide with the existing project.
  • Decide on the style you want, so that it’s easier for you to make a preliminary choice. In most cases, all products are classified according to Avantgarde, Modern or Classic styles.

A competent choice of the color scheme of the room and specially selected lighting will help visually change the proportions of the bathroom in accordance with your wishes. So, the combination of various colors, ornament, lighting system and mirrors will visually expand the small bathroom or make it higher.

Bathroom color scheme

The oldest and most proven way to increase the space of a bathroom room is to install devices and equipment from semi-transparent materials in it. So, a transparent or translucent cabinet or washbasin seems less massive and lighter than their full-color counterparts.

Warm colors visually reduce the space of the bathroom, while light colors increase. If you have a small bathroom, then do not use it in large pieces of furniture saturated dark tones. The best option will be pastel colors and cold shades. Do not forget that cold shades (blue, gray, green) visually detach objects, while warm ones (yellow, red, brown) – approximate. Due to the same color, you can cover the defects in the design of the bathroom.

Ornament and patterns in the bathroom

If you need to expand the bathroom, you can put on the wall ornament of glazed tiles in the form of horizontal strips. True, such an ornament can not be too wide, the maximum width of your creativity is the width of one tile. For this you can not use a large tile. On the contrary, the smaller the tiles, the better. But the application in the bathroom tiles of different shades just visually increases the size of the space. In addition, in a small bathroom you should not spread large patterns and use materials that have expressive texture, they reduce space.

Any designer knows that vertical stripes make the room higher, and in a bathroom with a low ceiling you can skillfully use such optical illusion. The effect of increasing the space of the bathroom can also be achieved using illusionist painting, which gives the impression of depth. However, it is better to assign such effects to specialists, and colors and patterns should also be selected very carefully. Inexpensive use of paints and decorative tiles in the bathroom can lead to the opposite effect.

Bathroom Lighting

A small bathroom requires very carefully planned lighting. Some types of lighting flatten the room, and optically reduce the bathroom. Therefore, it is worthwhile to install several types of lighting, which, depending on the function performed, can be included separately. So, the brightest lighting in the bathroom should be near the washbasin. It must be installed so that the light is not directed into the eyes, and at the same time it is a good light for the face (best on three sides: top, right and left). If you like reading in the bathroom, you can place next to it a light bulb, best of all with an adjustable angle of light.

If the house has children, then it is not possible to mount the lighting in the bathroom too low, especially near the washbasin. Lamps should be covered with shades to ensure that accidental ingress of water does not disable them. For safety reasons it is better to use cartridges that are hermetically sealed. This will protect the bulb from increased humidity.

Mirrors in the bathroom

One of the means to visually increase the size of the bathroom is mirrors. They are the greatest masters of illusion. The use of a combination of mirrors will help to extend or extend the bathroom.

Narrow bathroom can be expanded by installing wide mirrors along the length of the room on parallel walls. Movable mirrors can cover shelves for storing cosmetics and toiletries.

Using mirrors to change the proportion of the bathroom, do not forget about the various lockers, shelves and bedside tables. The fact is that the objects left outside will be reflected in the mirrors, creating a sense of disorder. In this case, instead of the illusion of space, we will visually reduce the bathroom visually.