Cleaning Kids’ Rooms in 6 Easy Steps

Cleaning Kids’ Rooms in 6 Easy StepsCleaning of the children’s room is the main stage of cleaning the whole house. Every mother knows that it needs to be done more often and more carefully than in other rooms. Absence of dust, clean moistened air in the nursery is the guarantee of the child’s health. Regular cleaning helps to avoid the appearance and development of allergies, vision problems and infectious diseases. Promotes increased immunity, and also enables the child to fully grow and develop.

1. Frequency of cleaning. The frequency of cleaning the children’s room depends on the location of the home and the age of the child. The younger the child, the more often cleaning should be carried out. For example, in a child child aged 0 to 3 years – every day. Also an important factor is the location of the house. If it is in a large metropolis – more often, if in a “green” area or a suburb – less often.

2. Airing. The children’s room should be air-conditioned regularly, regardless of the weather outside the window. You can install on the windows mosquito nets, which will protect the room from insects (flies, mosquitoes) and partly from city dust. Freshness and moisture of the air – the main indicators of a healthy microclimate in the nursery. If there is no possibility to buy a humidifier, then you can put a wet towel on the battery, the effect will be the same.

3. The laying and sorting of scattered toys in places. Toys and things in the nursery are laid out every day, involving the child in the process. Then he will learn to order and my mother will have less time to go to this stage. Also toys periodically require care. For example, plastic – washed in hot water with a soap solution once a week. Soft toys are rubbed off with baby powder once every few months, if they do not have strong contaminants.

4. Dust removal. The dust removal process proceeds as it accumulates on the up-down principle with a wet microfibre cloth. Lamps, cabinets, racks, shelves, work table, bed and other surfaces should be carefully wiped. If paper walls are pasted on walls, then you can walk with a vacuum cleaner or a dry rag, washing the wallpaper with a damp sponge. Also, you need to remove dust in hard-to-reach places, for example under the bed, behind the bedside table.

5. Cleaning the floor. In the nursery floor is cleaned with non-aggressive detergents. If there is a carpet on the floor, it is better to shake it on the street, not using aggressive means to clean it. Vacuum in the room better when the window is open.

6. General cleaning. General cleaning is carried out once in three months. Washing windows, washing curtains, blinds, bedspreads, blankets are added to the process of normal cleaning.

Regular cleaning of the children’s room requires a certain amount of time and effort. To facilitate the cleaning process, you can buy modern home appliances – a vacuum cleaner with a wet cleaning function and an air cleaner. Thanks to their functions they will help to reduce the time spent on cleaning.

Image credit:  keresi72