The Best Way to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Best Feng Shui Bedroom LayoutsTo attract love and abundance in your house do not need to go to fortunetellers. It is enough to restore order in the bedroom, as well as to use simple knowledge of Feng Shui.
Free space
Before decorating the bedroom with objects that will help you attract love and well-being, you need to put in order in the room. Clear the obstructions, free corners, get rid of old, unnecessary and ugly trinkets, do a wet cleaning. So you will give the sign of the universe that you are ready to take abundance into your home. Remember that fortune does not like chaos and disorder!

Feng Shui Bedroom

Do not store things in the bedroom that cause negative or bad memories, as well as aquariums or pictures with waterfalls. They say that water can “wash away” passion and love. Better decorate the walls with simple and bright pictures.

Specialists in Feng Shui are also opposed to the interior of the bedroom was a TV, computer, electronic clock and other equipment. Let it be better to have more soft textiles.

Everything in the bedroom design should bring joy, inspiration and tranquility! But most importantly – watch that there is no junk under the bed. It is not worth making a warehouse there to store unnecessary things, clothes and shoes.

In a word, free up space for new emotions, let in your bedroom be spacious and cozy.

Refresh bed linen

The bed is a strategically important detail in the bedroom. Therefore, it should not only be comfortable, but neat and beautifully laid. Bedding plays an important role in attracting love and passion. In no case can not sleep on torn or mended sheets. Any trays repel the flow of harmony, and can adversely affect the romantic relationship.

Therefore, if you feel a chill in the relationship with your loved one, pay attention to your bed linen. Do not save on textiles, and buy cheap sets. Pamper yourself and your bedroom with new underwear, preferably a red or pink shade. Since red is the color of passion, it must necessarily be present in the design of the bedroom.

Even specialists in Feng Shui recommend decorating the bedroom interior with yellow or green details, and also use soft and pleasant to touch velvet. It can be a pair of pillows or a bright plush blanket.

Choose the right decor

To attract love, passion and success, it is enough to decorate the bedroom interior with the necessary decor. For example, stylish porcelain vases, they should be two. It is believed that beautiful vases bring happiness, joy and peace to the house.

It is better to choose a vase with a narrow neck and a wide base. Then they will easily cope with their task – to double and accumulate positive energy. And if they put coins in them, they will also attract money, and they will increase their prosperity.

Do not forget about the candles, they should also be a pair quantity and preferably a red or yellow shade. To light such candles is very useful about once a week and as far as possible meditate on them, dreaming of love, happiness, harmony and success.

Think about lighting

Light is a powerful source of favorable energy, and if you correctly use its flows, you can charge the room with a positive. If you need to attract love and passion into your home, just hang in the bedroom a couple of lamps, floor lamps or wall sconces.

It is desirable that they emit not bright, but muffled light. In addition, they will decorate the interior, they will fill the bedroom with comfort and warmth, and also help create a serene atmosphere in the room.

Image credit:  shadowfirearts