Cleaning of outdoor areas

How to Clean outdoor areas

Do you want to get rid of stains and dirt on a stone or wooden patio cover? Read here to get useful advice, and get ready to enjoy the sun in a clean courtyard!


Cleaning the patio can be alleviated if you approach the case correctly by choosing a sunny summer day. Make sure that you are using the proper cleaning products and prepare a rigid brush, hose, gloves and goggles. 

Key points:

  • For coatings made from unusual materials, use only special cleaning agents for patios.
  • Preliminary washing the patio from the hose, you will greatly facilitate cleaning.
    Do not forget to wear protective goggles, especially if you use water under high pressure.
  • The stone paths in the courtyard are easily dirty and lose color, so one or two times a year, preferably in spring and summer, you should carefully clean this area. Read useful tips on how to clean stone and wood in the patio!

You will need:

  • Special means for cleaning patios or bleach. If your patio is laid out with a stone that requires special care, clean it with a special remedy or soda, and not bleach, so as not to damage the stones and not spoil their color. Bleaching agents are generally safe for concrete coatings. Do not forget to follow the instructions on the labels carefully and use rubber gloves.
  • Hose – in order to wash the patio before and after cleaning.
  • Broom (optional) – to sweep the territory before and after cleaning.
  • Rigid brush for cleaning stone paths.
  • Hose for supplying pressurized water to strong contaminants (optional).
  • A few thick gloves and goggles. Bleachers and special products are corrosive substances and can be harmful to your skin and eyes. Protective goggles are also needed for working with water under pressure.

How to clean the patio?

The first step in cleaning the patio is to prepare: remove all items from the porch or patio, then add the cleanser in a bucket of hot water (check the label – usually one bottle of bleach, cleanser or soda). After that the most interesting begins:

  • Treat the entire area with water from a hose. This will greatly simplify the process.
  • Wipe the patio surface thoroughly with a cleaning solution using a stiff brush.
  • Leave the remedy for five to ten minutes, and then rinse the surface with water from a hose or a high pressure washer.
  • Take care that the cleaning solution does not get on the lawns and flower beds: many means for cleaning external areas are harmful to grass and flowers, but in the fight against weeds between tiles, chemicals on the contrary will help!

How to clean the terrace?

The tile board requires special attention, since the tree is discolored and damaged much faster than the stone. Cleaners for the garden board can be replaced with chlorine bleach – it is no less effective, but it should be used with caution. Always read the instructions on the labels of cleaning products!

Step-by-step instructions for cleaning the terrace are the same as for coatings made of stone and concrete. Additionally:

  • Correct or replace the boards that are displaced or deformed. Damaged boards will worsen the safety of the terrace, and chemicals only exacerbate the situation.
  • Cover the boards with a special paint that will protect the terrace from the weather effects. To check if they are well painted, lightly moisten them with water. If the water quickly absorbed into the wood, then the parquet should be further processed.

Image credit:  JamesDeMers