Window Care & Maintenance

Window Care & MaintenanceIn need of care, everything that is in the apartment: we often wash my floors, wipe from the dust of the battery and clean the tile, but, for some reason, due care do not get the window. Slopes, frames – all this requires attention not less than the glass, which is usually washed twice a year, after the winter cold and before the fall.

Repair of plastic windows involves large costs, and regular regular maintenance of plastic windows will protect you from the sudden need to lay out a round sum, because for emergency repairs there is not and can not be a convenient or suitable time.

During the onset of cold weather, the load on window structures increases and timely maintenance of them will allow them to permanently transfer any weather conditions.

Caring for plastic windows

First of all, you need to choose the right weather. The wind will bring dust that will adhere to the wet surface, and direct sunlight will result in inaccurate divorce. Plastic care windows require a simple, but regular. For washing windows you will need a detergent, a sponge and a dry rag. Use insurance, even if you live on the lower floors! Ready? Then we proceed to the main stages!

Cleaning the window profile

Caring for plastic windows, in particular behind the frames, is very simple, but you need to consider several features. To avoid scratches, do not use materials with abrasive particles – powders and polishing agents, as well as detergents, which contain solvents, acids, gasoline or acetone. Wipe the window frame with a wet sponge, the sill on both sides and the slopes, then apply a detergent and thoroughly clean the window of dirt. After that, wipe it with a dry soft cloth or paper, make sure that the last one does not leave untidy shreds.

Wash glasses

Apply a cleaning agent from the spray gun. Wipe with a clean dry sponge or newspaper, it is recommended to use circular motions from distant sites to near ones. After thoroughly cleaning the surface, walk on it with a dry clean cloth, but only after the glass has dried.

Care of fittings

Rubber seals should retain their elasticity, so they need to be cleaned with a solution of water with a detergent, suitable for cleaning based on glycerin. To lubricate the hinges and fasteners, use a small amount of engine oil or specialized products.
Regularly clean the drainage lines so that garbage and dirt do not accumulate in them.

Maintenance of wooden windows:

It is more difficult to look after wooden windows, because wood, even covered with paint, is much more fragile and subject to external influences.

 Care of the frame

It is really necessary to process the frame with special protective equipment if you want your windows to last for a long time. To impregnate a frame it is necessary consistently in some stages, preliminary it having cleaned, having dried and degreasing. Upon completion of cleaning and impregnation, it is possible to renew the paint or varnish. It is recommended to periodically clean the old coating and apply a new layer on the cleaned surface.

Thoroughly dry the frame after washing, and to avoid cracks, use mild detergents.

Glass washing and care of fittings

Recommendations for washing the windows and care of the fittings are identical to plastic windows, however, having detected defects from the outside of the window, you will have to correct them.

Why take care of windows

Regular maintenance of windows will allow prolonging their operation, avoiding annoying breakdowns of mechanisms, keeping the appearance of the window, protecting it from depressurization, condensation.

With minimal effort on your part, you can be assured of the reliability of your window and the security of your home from the outside world. Caring for plastic windows in winter is especially important for preserving their functionality, although the traditional time for such works is spring and autumn.

If you do not have the time and opportunity to independently service your plastic windows, you can invite specialists who, for a modest fee, will quickly and professionally conduct all the work.

In addition, you can purchase sets of special tools for the sake of the metal-plastic windows either in specialized windows sales shops or in construction supermarkets.

Give your window a little attention and it will answer you for years of reliable service.

Image credit: MichaelGaida