Best Curtain Alternatives For Your Home

Best Curtain Alternatives For Your Home

Nowadays, the classic solution of “windows with curtains” no longer seems to be the only way to interact with the window. Landscapes from the windows increasingly reveal the beautiful courtyards and streets. In addition to curtains, the world of window decoration now has many options that will help to diversify your interior, and even emphasize it.

How to choose

In order to successfully choose the right option for your interior, first think about what function it should perform in the first place. If you want to add more comfort – you will help roman blinds, for better light insulation – use blinds and pleats. Blinds will be suitable for stylish detailing and an additional accent on the windows.

Color, material, and texture dictate the available details of the room. Take a look around and you will understand what needs to be emphasized. Maybe it’s an aluminum table lamp or a fluffy beige carpet? This way you will get an interior that will be filled with the sun – only if you want it.


Blinds are a universal and perfect choice for any window size. There are many colors and materials to choose from. The main ones are plastic, wood, bamboo, and aluminum.

In order to make the window opening visually larger, you can choose blinds from ceiling to floor. If you are a lucky owner of wooden or aluminum windows, you can choose blinds in the tone of wood or metal and emphasize the texture.

Nowadays, more and more of our usual actions are automated – curtains, blinds, and shutters have long since switched to automatic control. Remember that for this option you need to have electricity supply to the cornices. And then, with one button on the remote control or in the smartphone app, you can control all the windows of your home.

Fabric blinds

Fabric blinds are also suitable for small windows and have a similar constitution of blinds, they help control the light and landscape from the window, you can choose both light-transmitting fabric and full blackout.

Mounting the height of the window, if it is not panoramic, will only visually reduce the height of the ceilings of your room, so it recommends installing blinds to the ceiling.

The very structure of the roller shutter material must have flat fibers that are intertwined. As a result, they will fold easily and no creases will ever appear on the surface. Their only drawback is the difficulty in care. Fabric blinds should either be dry-cleaned or cleaned with soft nozzles using a vacuum cleaner.

Pleated blinds

This is one of the types of window decor – fabric canvas assembled into an “accordion”. In appearance it resembles blinds, but, unlike them, is a solid canvas. This version of window decoration evokes associations with oriental cultures and gives a special charm to the interior. It can be used as a substrate, choosing color shades close to the walls, or as an accent color, combining pleats in color with bright decor.

Roman blinds

Like pleated blinds, the roman blind is a solid fabric that gathers in free folds on top of the window. They will perfectly fit into in light of styles interiors design – Provencal style or Scandinavian style.

Picture Credit: Unsplash