How To Clean Your Apartment After A Renovation

How To Clean Your Apartment After A RenovationOne of the most unpleasant and painstaking processes in the repair of apartments is cleaning after the completion of all works. In any case, there are piles of garbage and dust, the amount of which depends on the complexity of renovation and the type of work performed. In addition, cleaning may be required between certain stages of the work, for example between wall alignment and finishing. To eliminate all of these effects, you can call a cleaning company or do your own cleaning, taking into account some nuances.

There are some recommendations that you should take into account when cleaning:

  • What needs to be done before the repair is done is the removal of home appliances. With this step, you can protect non-cheap equipment from accidental damage, dust and other factors;
  • Concerning, directly, cleaning, start recommending waste sorting. That is, it is desirable to leave materials that can be used (remnants of wallpaper, fragments of a tile, etc.). This approach allows storing materials in the event of unforeseen situations, since it is not always possible to choose finishing materials with the same properties (wallpapers should be one series of release, etc.);
  • The next step is to clean up large debris. Ideally, use special bags of low value for this, and are designed specifically for such works. All items that can not be removed with a scoop and broom are thrown out. Cleaning is carried out by hands, so you should protect yourself with gloves and masks, because there will be a lot of dust;
  • Further, dry cleaning is carried out. At this stage, rubbish is removed using a scoop and broom, as well as a vacuum cleaner. The process is quite dusty, therefore, it must be carried out as accurately as possible so as not to spoil the finish (wallpaper, painted surface, etc.);
  • The most troublesome process is dust removal. In this case, it is necessary to handle not only the floor, but also the ceiling and walls, because they in any case sits a lot of dust. Ideally, use an industrial vacuum cleaner used by cleaning companies. The equipment is expensive, so it is better to use the rental;
  • The final stage is wet cleaning. All surfaces are wiped with a sponge of varying degrees of moisture, depending on the properties of the material.

Picture Credit: peter774