7 Habits of People Who Always Have a Clean Home

Your life will never be the same again. A few simple things can turn your house into a fairy tale.

To suddenly become a goddess of purity and neatness, you do not need to continuously wash and rub something. It is enough to observe these 7 simple rules.

1. Make a bed

7 Habits of People Who Always Have a Clean Home

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Once you got out of bed, then you need to make a bed. Yes, that’s right so straight away. The exception is if you have a day off or a sick leave and you just got up to return to the gentle captivity of the pillows and blankets. Otherwise, be so kind. It’s actually very fast – to cover the veil and hold your hand a couple of times to smooth the folds.

2. Remove the dishes from the dishwasher

Also in the morning. While coffee is being brewed, it is quite possible to have time to lay out plates and forks in places. In the evening after dinner you will be waiting for an empty and ready to work dishwasher – it’s nice. But if you do not have a dishwasher, you’ll have to spend another 10 minutes and wash the dishes right away. The golden rule: never leave dishes for later. Try to follow it for at least a week and see how fabulously your life will change.

3. Create a Laundry Schedule

Take the laundry a couple of days a week and never miss them. Kill two birds with one stone: linen will not accumulate – this is the first. Secondly, you will never be left without the right color, clean towels or socks.

4. Use the baskets

Housewife keeps her house clean

Image Credit: pexels

For every little thing, for keys, for a hair dryer and curlers in the bathroom, for anything. When there is a place for things, the clutter of the room is sharply reduced. Folded in a basket chargers, pens, catalogs, barrettes look much neater, rather than chaotically scattered where necessary. Especially if the basket is still on the shelf, in general, beauty will come out.

5. Do not postpone for later

This rule applies not only to dirty dishes. Take out the garbage, discard the packaging immediately, as soon as you removed the purchase, wipe the spilled tea or crumbs from the table. Any spontaneous disorder war must be declared immediately, until the small chaos has turned into a catastrophe. The kitchen will always look clean, if the traces of cooking are destroyed immediately, without waiting for everyone to have supper. And you do not have to waste time the next day, wiping off the frozen fat or dried up food remnants from the stove and pots.

6. Undressed – remove clothes

Many sin that by coming home from work, they throw off street clothes wherever they have to. “Carefully I hang on the floor” – this is called in the bachelor language. You will spend only half a minute to bring the shirt to the washing machine, and the jacket to the closet, and the disorder will be much less.

7. Plan cleaning ahead of time

House cleaning is routine. And it is quite possible to systematize it. Today, wipe the windows, tomorrow my floor and wipe the dust, the day after tomorrow we clean the plumbing and clean up in the bathroom, then we wash and iron the linen. If you have a schedule, you will never “suddenly” run out of cleaners, and the apartment will not clutter up.