The Best Plants For Cleaning The Air

Summer is a time of not only hot days, but also hot nights. Too hot air affects the condition of our skin, the respiratory system, and also causes fatigue, drowsiness and even irritability.

Fighting too much stuffy air in an apartment or a house in the summer is possible. This will help you not only wet cleaning and airing the room, but also indoor plants that are able to fight off unpleasant substances and saturate the air with oxygen.

Aloe Vera


Image Credit: joanshannon

With the help of Aloe you can not only refresh the air in your apartment or house, but also clean it from harmful substances such as formaldehyde, which is able to allocate furniture. Aloe vera generates oxygen at night and absorbs carbon dioxide.



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This flower is able to create favorable humidity conditions in the room, as well as saturate the air with phytoncide – substances that actively fight bacteria.
Many centuries ago, people found useful properties of ficus. It is known that the presence of this plant at home set his atmosphere to a positive wave. In addition, households suffered less from illnesses than others. But if the disease manifested itself in a person, then in an easy form. Ficus, having a calming effect, cleared the room of anxiety and emotions.

The health benefits of this flower can not be overestimated. It filters the air in the house and absorbs the dust.


Indoor bamboo

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Indoor bamboo will not only become the original decoration of your house, but it will also benefit. This flower emits a large amount of oxygen, and if placed in the south-eastern part of the apartment, it also attracts good luck.



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This beautiful indoor plant humidifies the air, actively combats the drying up of bacteria, and also removes toxins, replacing them with useful oxygen. This flower does not require careful care, but it should be hidden from direct sunlight.

Still, it turns out, the cumulative form of Peperomia allows it to accumulate positive emotions, which it generously shares with its owner. Also, the plant contributes to the creation of a favorable environment in the house, pacifies steep morals. Wherever there is Peperomia- there are almost no conflicts, but money is found.