Tips For Achieving A Long-Lasting, Streak-Free Shine When Cleaning Your Windows

Cleaning windows thoroughly can be a daunting taskCleaning windows thoroughly can be a daunting task, particularly for those residing in high-rise buildings. Consequently, many individuals only clean their windows once or twice a year, as the accumulation of dust and various forms of precipitation make the task difficult.

To overcome these challenges, a window cleaning guide has been created to provide insights on and how to clean windows effectively, leaving no streaks and ensuring long-lasting results. The first and foremost step is to determine the ideal weather conditions for cleaning windows, which include warm, windless, and overcast weather. To get an unobstructed view of the window, it is advisable to clear everything from the windowsill, such as curtains, tulle, blinds, and mosquito nets. Next, the window frames and sills can be washed with a solution of washing powder, dishwashing liquid, or household soap, avoiding abrasive substances such as soda to prevent damage to the window material.

When selecting a cleaning solution, there are numerous options available. Commercial products are simple to use, but homemade solutions are cost-effective and use non-toxic ingredients that can be easily found at home. There are nine straightforward methods to clean windows at home. One of these methods involves mixing vinegar and warm water in a sprayer, which not only repels insects but also prevents streaks. Lemon or citric acid can be substituted for vinegar to produce a pleasant citrus scent. Mixing starch with water can remove dust and avoid streaks. Another traditional technique is to use newsprint after cleaning the dirt with a soapy solution to obtain a flawless shine. Salt can be dissolved in water to remove minor dirt, while potassium permanganate can be used to make a pink solution to eliminate dirt.

When cleaning windows from the outside, the same procedures can be used, and a telescopic glass cleaner can be employed for safety. Overall, cleaning windows can be a challenging job, but with the right techniques, weather conditions, and cleaning solutions, the outcome can be a long-lasting and streak-free shine.

Picture Credit: Freepik