Tile Cleaning Tips

Tips: Tile CleaningIn just about every home there’s some ceramic tile flooring. Maintaining this decorative and useful surface takes some doing and calls for casting out the old ideas and rumors. Tile cleaning is something you don’t need an expert for but you should know the best ways to keep them clean and lasting longer.

First of all, the cleaning materials you use are the most important. Using the wrong chemicals can damage or discolor the tiles or grout or even eat the grout away. Grout is the key point here because it’s what holds the tiles together. Should the grout become compromised the tiles can lift and then you’re in all kinds of trouble. Grout calls for knowing how to put it down, use it for repair, and cleaning it properly. Harsh chemicals like ammonia and bleach can do some serious damage so shy away from them. Look at the manufacturer’s recommendations as those of other customers. You’ll find that real estate and hardware store specialists will be happy to recommend a brand they know works.

Another problem with tile cleaning is that tiles can be damaged from shock, temperature, accidents. Once those micro cracks or bigger cracks appear, dirt and water enter and cause even more damage. Now you’ve got a real big problem. The last thing you want to do is have to replace tiles. Even if you get the same tiles from the same manufacturer it doesn’t mean they’ll match what you’ve already got laid down. That will take some time and doing as age and wear will at some point bring about a color harmony. It won’t happen overnight but it will over time.

Don’t use abrasives on tile either. They’ll scour the protective surface and leave the tiles open for discoloration and damage from the environment of the bathroom, pool, or wherever you have tile. Steel wool, gritty cleaners, are a definite no-no so think in terms of a mild solvent and sponge or cloths. Simple things like vinegar watered down work wonders. Don’t leave any chemicals on the tile or grout and mop up or dab it up once applied.

Finally, tile cleaning need not be a major chore. Just keeping an eye on the everyday use of the room where the tiles are, using preventative measures and sensible materials will keep your tiles protected and easy to clean.

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