Revealing Hot Trends in Home Designs for 2014

new-home-newstart-com.auYou want your home to be beautiful, inviting, comfortable, but at the same time practical. That is why you should be aware of house designs that are trending. If you are building home this year, you definitely want to be in the know of the designs that home builders are using. This will allow you to come up with a fashionable home that also has a great resale value. Let’s take a look at the latest trends in house designs.

Smart Homes

There is no doubt that people are more busy managing their lives today, than they were a decade or two ago. This hardly leaves them time to maintain their homes. Today, the emphasis is on smart homes where automation controls several aspects, such as temperature settings, lighting, security and even entry.

Smart homes can be handled using a single device and this removes the need to have multiple devices and controls. Smartphones are being used as conduits to manage homes and this has helped reduce the cost of home automation tremendously. Also, home automation allows homeowners to reduce their utility costs, particularly where energy is concerned.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Today, house and land packageshave become expensive and that is why homeowners are looking to extend their living space beyond the confines of four walls. Porches, patios and conservatories have become the norm. These outdoor living spaces have turned into an extension of the main house by having screened walls for privacy and thereby allowing homeowners to use the space as a guestroom or year round living space. Having a fireplace, outdoor kitchen, refrigerator and television ensures that the space also can be used for social gatherings and get-togethers.


With family trends changing, there also is a change in house designs. Today, different generations are living under the same roof and this means that the floor plans are no longer rigid, as homeowners want to be able to change them with changes in their family. For instance, home offices are doubling up as a guest room to accommodate grown kids returning home, dedicated dining areas are being done away with and focus is more on multi-purpose rooms.

Basically, flexi-rooms allow homeowners to adjust the room based on their needs and requirements, rather than spend lots of money to add extra room or space in the house.

Energy Efficient Homes

With rising energy costs, homeowners are looking for ways and means to make their home more energy efficient. This means installing energy efficient windows, harnessing solar power and geothermal power, and also focusing on reducing water consumption by installing low-use sinks and toilets.

Modern-day homes lay special emphasis on energy efficient kitchen appliances, heating, air conditioning and gadgets that help reduce overall energy costs.

Healthy Homes

As pollution soars outside, homeowners are interested in maintaining healthy homes. This can be done by using non-toxic building materials, hiring home builders who have knowledge and expertise of using correct construction methods, and ensuring adequate ventilation and natural light.

With right placement of windows and doors, homes can have great ventilation and natural sunlight that helps reduce incidences of moulds and mildew and also keeps the house fresh and healthy.

Open Floor Design

Gone are those days when families wanted to have sunken living rooms or high cabinets. Today, focus is accessibility and convenience regardless of whether a family member has a physical disability.

There is a trend to have spacious homes. Wide open rooms, hallways and doors help the house to appear bigger and also allow prudent usage of space. As a result, homes look more inviting and comfortable rather than looking like institutions.

Ample Storage Space

As different generations live under the same roof due to changes in the economy, homes tend to have more storage space in the form of cabinets and walk-in closets. Garages are also bigger than what they used to be, as families are using them not just for their cars, but also as storage space. Lofts have become common as they allow unwanted things to be stored, and this is the reason newer homes no longer have cathedral ceilings.

These are the latest home designs and trends that are currently in vogue. You can easily incorporate these design elements in your new home, so that it is more practical and also maintains its resale value.

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