Take Good Care of Your Home in The Spring

Picture Credit : tlc.howstuffworks.com
Picture Credit : tlc.howstuffworks.com

Winter can cause a lot of damage to your home and the magnitude of damage can be both small and big. As the weather starts getting warmer you need to be attentive toward and check out few things. You need to see if there are animals in vents or moisture has accumulated near the foundation or the gutter accumulated with leaves. The checking if such things can be done only when the weather is warmer. Home cleaning that needs to be done during spring is not so vast as to cause exhaustion. The winter weather is much likely to have affected a good number of places and they need to be thoroughly checked and repaired.

It is important to check and repair the roofs with the oncoming of spring. A professional must be hired for the roofs. So as to make sure that your roof is safe, you can also go for a self inspection. An important part of the home cleaning in spring is cleaning the drains. Much dirt and debris gets accumulated in the drain in winter. It is important that the drains are flowing and clean and cleaning of drains need to be done before the summer showers arrive. Also check if there has been any discoloration in the shingles, or if they are peeling or warping or are missing. Chimneys and pipes must as well be checked alongside checking the roofs for need of repair.

You should also remember to check the HV AC system. Measuring operating pressure, the cleaning condenser coils, checking of the controls should be done. Cover the vents so as to prevent the animals like mice from going inside them.

The foundation should, most importantly, be checked bacause there may be cracks. It is normal when these cracks are vertical and small. However, if they are horizontal and tend to get widened at the bottom, it signals the need for quick repairing of the roofs. Care must be taken to see that there is no logging of water or leakage near the foundation. Also see that the pipes from drains are directed away from the foundation. Stairs and walkways also fall into the list for repairs if they show damages and cracks. The railings also must be thoroughly checked. Remember cleaning the deck too. The deck-cleaning must be systematic. Checking must be done for debris and other damages.

Above all, it must be admitted that home cleaning should be done when the spring has just arrived rather than piling up the work and delaying it.