Get a broader view on safety and security of your windows

Residential  Window Tinting TampaThe safety & security window films by 3M can transform any window from being weak in nature to a hardy glass. Films help in protecting the homes and families from possible threats of break-ins. The company has designed these for holding glass fragments compact which in turn reduces the potential of an injury from the glass to its minimal. These dangers could be from breaking class. The fact that these films hold entire glass together makes it a strong barrier for them to stay protected. These safety & security films have been made available in safety, clear,  versions and as one combination film that not only is safeguarding the house but also protects the people inside from the harmful rays of the sun.

Some of the products released by 3M are discussed below:

  • Ultra Prestige Series: This is an ultra-high technology which offers about 28 layers for a stronger, tear resistant finish. They are ultra-safety films which comes with added advantages of protection from the sun. The basic aim of this has been to design something which does not changes the view of the house but allows more than 70% visibility of light within. The other characteristics of the film are its feature of holding glasses together at times of harsh weather. Having the capacity of rejecting about 60% of the entire heat which comes through these windows it does reduce the hot spots with rejection capacity of 97% infrared rays from the sun.
  • Ultra Series: This is the other series on offer by the company which offers more than 42 micro layers which are stronger, tear resistant safety films. The distinguishing feature is its excellent performance over the basic polyester films during any sort of impact events or blasts. The films come with the clear safety films and come with tinted sun control options.
  • Safety Series: It is another advanced product on offer by the company which offers 7 to 8 mil polyester films for protection. It is paired with the special thicker adhesive for holding any broken glass compact together. The product is available in the clear safety films and other tinted sun control features.
  • Impact Protection Attachment system: This film bonds the entire window together with the adhesive and profile options. With the attachment system that comes within it offers high ldegree of protection which is strong enough for handling impact of a bomb blast. The film would also create one effective window protection for outperforming the window film installations.