Spruce Up Your Outdoors Through Fascinating Christmas Lights

The pleasant autumn season has finally arrived that is the harbinger of much cooler months to follow. The best activity of these months especially in winters it to decorate your home with the help of beautiful and sparkling Christmas lights. There are different styles and shapes of these lights that you can use to embellish indoors as well as outdoors of your home in most exciting and magical manner possible.

Fascinating Outdoor Christmas Light:

You can use the following magical yet simple outdoor Christmas light ideas to light up you home in style.

  • Luminous Lanterns:

It is always nice to have old fashioned classic lantern posts outside your home. However, you can spruce their looks and beauty even further by wrapping them in glowing globes and lush green garlands. This will not only create a surreal look for this season but will also add to the beauty of your outdoors.

  • Earthy Entrance:

Similarly, you can tightly wrap pillars around your entryway with red and white legs to create tall and beautiful floral arrangements. You can also create a fun earthy entrance by toping with evergreen wreath and twig. Subsequently, add red curly twigs and green mesh material found at different craft stores. Furthermore, you can also take a photograph of new entrance of your home; convert these photos onto canvas prints and hang them in entryways to add an outdoor touch to you interiors as well.

  • Dreamy Door:

Another great way to decorate your outdoors through Christmas lights is to dress up your boring doorway with the help of a red and green color scheme. You can further enhance the looks by outlining the door with glowing lights, garlands and red bows that will perfectly complement the wreath around the door. Furthermore, you can add the perfect punch of winter season by placing a group of poinsettia plants nearby.

  • Glowing Garland:

It is also a sensational idea to adorn a balcony or porch with colorful garlands intervened with glowing and multicolor Christmas lights. Similarly, you can welcome any visitor in a surprising manner by embellishing the gates and railings with red bows as well.

  • White Christmas Lighting Display:

You can also try something simpler and even more thrilling if you are fed up of wrapping strings of lights around light poles and tree branches. In this regard, the best thing to do is to use ready to plant wires trees that come with prestrung lights. You can also change the look from whimsical to natural as these trees are available in different colors and heights.

  • Hanging Icicles:

The glowing hanging icicles will create a fascinating ambiance around your windows that will be perfectly imperfect as the real thing. You can create these icicles by using window screens, plastic wraps and illuminating them with baubles and white lights.

  • Star-Bird Lights:

If you wrap a sparse tree with a loose string of lights, it will appear as numerous stars twinkling in the clear night sky. This will not only make your entryway or outdoors look extra enchanting but will also illuminate the path or weary travellers as well.


Christmas lights are not only a perfect home décor tool only for Christmas days. You can use them to embellish your home throughout autumn and winter and above mentioned tips will help you a lot in this regard.

Author’s Bio: Tom Anderson is a dedicated photographer and writes on interior designing & decoration. He took photo and print on different Canvases, which looks amazing with great quality photos onto canvas prints along bright colors scheme.