Decorating Your Room for the Event of Christmas

Christmas preparations have not yet taken that fast pace but yes people have started noting down things to do and planning a bit about the event. Christmas is time of celebration for all the Christians around the world. The population of Christians is more than 50% of the population of Earth so it will be safe to say that the event is celebrated by majority around the globe. The fact that more than 40% of the population is of Muslims and they too have mention of Jesus in their holy book and since they two believe in teachings of the Jesus, his birthday is somewhat celebrated quite warmly in these countries as well. Muslim countries like Turkey, Pakistan and Malaysia have 25th December declared as the public holidays for not only Christians but Muslims as well.

Christmas is a very special event as for Christmas everybody does something nice for their place and surroundings. The houses, lawns, rooms and office buildings are decorated and illuminated for the event of Christmas. Like everybody else we too plan something special every Christmas in terms of gifting each other and decorating the interior and exterior of our place. When it comes to getting those ideas, the searching and researching starts months before the event is to take place. The ideas one can get from the magazines, internet or big canvas prints frames of images displayed around shopping malls for advertisement. As the Christmas gets near the number of these advertisements increase for more selling of the decoration items, this industry is a multi-billion dollar industry when we see the amount of sales in terms of decoration ornaments around the world.

My kids also take an active part in decorating the interior and exterior of our place. In fact since they have touched middle teens, they have kind of taken control of this section. My daughter helps her mum in kitchen in baking and other house chores, while I and my two sons are on the mission of heavy lifting and preparing and decorating things for Christmas. The things which impresses me the most of my kids is that they decorate their personal rooms as well. I never did that when I was young, and this certainly feels good to see their spirit of Christmas better than my own.

Because of their interest in decorating their rooms, I have made this habit to take photographs every year of their decorated room and upload later on and get vote for whosoever did the best job. Here are few of the tip and idea I have seen them use in their room decoration.

  • Using Pine cones and spray paints of different colors like grey and gold
  • They usually make Christmas wreath of different design for the front door of their rooms
  • Inside the room they usually have hanging bells and ribbon work around the beds
  • The lighting is also the best feature of the decoration as they cleverly use their lamps and dimmer for other lights to create perfect ambiance.
  • They sometime get an artificial small Christmas tree to give their rooms even more unique touch

Tom Anderson is professional content writer. He writes about home decoration, planning for self-grooming and necessity of innovation in every sector.