How to Save Energy Efficiently Throughout all Seasons

How to Save Energy Efficiently Throughout all Seasons

Is your home energy efficient? If the answer is no or you didn’t even care about this until now, let us tell you that saved energy means more money in your pocket. To do so, insulating your home is the solution, but in addition to it, there are some auxiliary options, based on each season. Here’s a list of what we think you should do to take care of your house.


Open those windows! Seems like a simple advice, but it’s actually one that you should consider, as cross-wise breeze can naturally cool your home. Therefore, you can save the energy that air conditioners use. In spring, temperatures are ideal to do so, so don’t miss the opportunity

Do some air conditioner maintenance. Replacing or cleaning air filters is essential for your air conditioner to function properly and not use unnecessary energy.

Let sunlight in. The day gets longer during spring months and natural light should be a priority. Switch off artificial lights and enjoy what the Sun has to offer.


Hit the stop button. When you go out, it’s better to rise the thermostat temperature of the air conditioner. It’s way more energy efficient to lower thermostat back on than to let it maintain the lower temperature in an empty home.

Use an outdoor clothesline. If the temperature is right, dry your clothes outside. You, therefore, eliminate a heat-producing activity and also get some fresh air for yourself.

Try fans. Fans use less energy than an air conditioner and can set up the desired comfort. Use them whenever possible.


Check the fridge/freezer. Home insulation starts with appliances sealing. Check the fridge and freezer to save some money on your electricity bill.

Insulate the rooms. Heat can be lost through the floor, so consider redecorating your home with some carpets and rugs

Do you need the heating on? You feel more comfortable when is warm inside, but that doesn’t mean you should always stay in shorts and a tank top. Try to put on a jacket before turning on the heater, because the bill at the end of the month won’t warm your heart.


Cover your window air-conditioning unit. By doing so, you can stop cold air from entering through the vents.

Check and close energy-stealing openings. Windows, fireplaces or doors, all can let cold air in. An insulated house will maximize your home’s energy efficiency.

Clean and inspect furnaces and boilers. Your energy savings depend a lot on how clean your central heating equipment is.

For a home insulation to be complete, you should also consider roof insulation as well. For both options, Done Rite Insulation offers viable solutions and ensures professionals are there to help. You can even schedule a consultation, to find out how you can save energy in your home. For commercial and home insulation services, Done Rite Insulation is the right idea.

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