Choosing a Stone Countertop for Your Bathroom

Stone Countertop for Your BathroomImage credit: TA9141985

Of what only do today countertops for the bathroom. Glass and ceramics, composite materials based on wood shavings and stone crumbs – and some even do without this convenient piece of furniture and do not worry.

Nevertheless, if you decide to install a countertop in the bathroom, it is better to immediately choose the optimal material. After all, changing it in a year or two is unlikely to be part of your plans.

We take the liberty of asserting that the top of the bathroom stone will be the best choice – both aesthetically and in terms of practicality. Evidence? We have them!

Let’s consider the basic requirements that are imposed on this subject of everyday life. So, what should be the countertop for the bathroom.

Durable. Yes, the countertop does not experience extreme loads in the bathroom. But if you still accidentally dropped the hair dryer on her, the countertop must withstand this test with honor. And here the countertops made of stone are beyond competition. And marble, and travertine and even more so the granite will not suffer from such a blow.

Not afraid of moisture. The increased humidity in the bathroom is a standard phenomenon even with a good stretch. Worktops made of stone for the bathroom will not bother this moment. They are not deformed, do not crumple, do not peel and do not lose color. Moreover, some varieties of marble in the wet state begin to play with new colors and look even more picturesque.

Hygienic. Mold and fungus are very fond of moist rooms. And here we come to the aid of table tops made of stone – to be more precise, from marble. It is this natural stone by nature itself that is endowed with an unusual but very convenient property. Bacteria do not multiply on it. The material is more hygienic for bathrooms and swimming pools simply can not be found. However, with proper processing by special means from this scourge, you can protect and granite, and onyx, and travertine. The main thing is not to forget to work on the surface in time.

Resistant to high temperatures and extremes. Worktops made of stone are not afraid of high temperatures or low temperatures. They are also quite loyal to sudden temperature changes. So your countertop will not burst and will not crack, even if you accidentally splash it with cold water by accident, heated by steam.

Easy to clean. Cleaning the countertops of stone is not easy, but very simple. Let’s be frank, the potential sources of stains on the countertop in the bathroom are very diverse. Cosmetics, shampoos and conditioners, oil masks for hair, body lotion, rust and other troubles. Most impurities are removed from the surface of the stone by standard stone care products. Work will have only in two cases – an old oil stain or rust. However, these problems can also be solved – with the help of more powerful means.

Inexpensive. And here the countertops made of stone are again the leaders. Yes, yes, there is a table top made of stone inexpensive. After all, you change it only when it bores you. And at this moment it will look almost like a new one.

Guide to Selecting Bathroom Countertops

Image credit: ErikaWittlieb

Select the shape. You can order a table top made of stone of any shape that only you can imagine. And yes – in any of them there can be a built-in sink made of stone, which allows achieving unity and harmony in the appearance of this zone of the bathroom.

Color selection. Black and white, blue and red, beige and golden – natural stone allows you not to limit yourself in choosing shades. His palette is truly huge.

Select a picture. Here you can afford a wide variety of variations. There are sorts of stone almost monophonic, strict and calm. There is a soft, smooth, gentle pattern. There are dynamic and vibrant, full of contrasts and passions.

Choose the finish profile. Stone countertops have a significant advantage over other materials – variable edge trim. The variety of profiles allows you to make the countertops of stone more complete, more consistent.

Choosing a pattern. If you do not want a homogeneous countertop, then you can always order the decoration with a mosaic made of natural stone. The practical advantages are the same, but it looks very original and fresh.

Worktops made of stone are becoming more popular. And this is not just a tribute to fashion – it is an understanding of how best to invest money in your own environment. After all, depending on the conditions in which we live, our state of health, mood, and efficiency also depends.