Landscape design and phytodesign

What distinguishes the concepts of phytodesign and landscape design.

Nature is a unique designer who creates truly unique landscapes. Today many specialists began to use plants as decorative elements.

There are many approaches that allow you to design a unique exterior.

Features of phytodesign

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Features of phytodesign

The modern man gradually urbanizes the territories, which leads to the destruction of flora and fauna. But plants can have a very positive effect on his body.

One of the directions that make it possible to harmonize the relationship between man and plant is phytodesign.

This approach involves interior design using flowers and other green spaces. In this case, take into account the characteristics of each plant species, to exclude the possibility of allergies or headaches.

Simple phytodesign

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Many experts organize unique ecosystems that can clean and improve the air in the room.

In simple phytodesign, this is a large number of vases and ornamental trees, which are harmoniously located in the interior.


Landscape design is a combination of natural harmony.


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The concept of landscape design appeared relatively recently, although it was practiced for a long time. This approach involves the creation of unique and harmonious natural mini ecosystems in a small area.

Specialists use not only plants, but also other components, among which the most popular are:

  • relief;
  • water bodies.

The similar design is supplemented with unique piece constructions, which are gazebos, small monuments and decorative lights.

The main goal of this approach is to create harmony between the urbanized landscape and nature. It should be noted that not only living plants are used here, but also historical and architectural knowledge that allows creating unique ecosystems.

Landscape design is a complex area

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Landscape designers combine all this knowledge into a single whole. They can complement the architectural buildings with beautiful plants or emphasize the landscape with the help of a beautiful artificial arch, etc.

Landscape design is a complex area that requires careful study of many features. In its turn, phytodesign can be attributed to one of the subsections of the previously mentioned direction, which is aimed at creating original interiors.