Keep your valuable oriental rug clean and ensure its longevity

Keep your valuable oriental rug clean and ensure its longevityThe owners of Oriental rug should be aware of the ways of maintaining its cleanliness. It is crucial to make sure it comes into use for a long time. From time to time, some complications may spring up. However, with proper maintenance and care, it is possible to increase the life of Oriental rug. There may be certain problems in Oriental rug cleaning which can be only solved by a professional cleaner. For a general clean up such as minor soiling and spotting, a home based care program should be enough. Mentioned below are some tips to keep your priceless oriental rug clean at home:

Attend the stains immediately

For the beginners, it is significant to make sure a stain is cleaned up instantly. The longer you leave it to dry and scatter, higher are the chances of it giving you a hard time. It can prove quite a difficult task to remove them later. There is also a possibility of the stain leaving a permanent mark.

Owing to these reasons, irrespective of the material or the source of the stain, attend it immediately. If you allow any stain to settle, it could damage your rug beyond any repair. In that case, even the Oriental rug cleaning expert would be unable to help you.

Maintaining a rug on a regular basis is important to avoid the services of some professional Oriental rug cleaning experts. At times it may appear clean but it could deceive the eyes. As a result, attend it regularly to maintain the value of your priceless oriental rug.

Vacuum it regularly

Vacuum the rug on both the sides to remove the dust, dirt and grime. Turn over the rug upside to down and use the beater bar fixed on lowest setting to vacuum the back portion. Consequently, it loses and dislodges the insolubles located deep inside. It allows you to flip it again and get better results of vacuuming. Prior to vacuuming the uppermost part of this rug, make sure you’re raising the beater bar. Please don’t use any beater bar for the upper side of any silk rug in Oriental rug cleaning.

Make use of suitable chemicals

The available carpet washing solutions are apt for the synthetic-made carpeting fibers.  Woolen fibers would undergo deterioration by using this carpet washing solutions. Dyes may bleed while fibers may turn out to be bleached or distorted. Never use the carpet spotters.

For Oriental rug cleaning, use a lighter yet an effective solution. It is achievable with the blend of white vinegar and chilly water. Combine three part of water with a single part of white vinegar for it reduces the PH value of the spotting solution. It will similarly minimize the chances for damaging your valuable Oriental rug.

You can preserve the value and appearance of your rug through regular maintenance like vacuuming properly and light spot removal. In case satisfying results are not achieved at home, don’t delay in taking the services of any professional expert. The cleaning practices may need several years to perfect.

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