Get your terrazzo floor squeaky clean

Get your terrazzo floor squeaky cleanIt often happens that we see ourselves engaged with DIY project which may be the outcome of a mistake or blunder committed by some other person. It can also be the outcome of a sloppy work done and questionable decisions taken by others. This can be a situation faced by people when they get into new homes that had previously been owned by others. A person had purchased a new property with terrazzo flooring. It should not be much of fun to discover dried paint and stains on the floor! The owner was unfortunate enough. It got rather tougher to accept pits in terrazzo flooring of a newly bought apartment, especially when the mistake had been committed by the previous owner. The new owner of the property had to consider terrazzo floor cleaning and repairing, that should have been considered by the previous owner.

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It started somewhat like this: the new occupants entered the apartment and the first thing they came across was a nasty carpet. The carpet was rather dirty and so they decided to tear it off. When they had removed the carpet completely, the floor showed spots of dried paint that had remained when the previous occupants had painted the house. They had left the over-sprays on the terrazzo floor attended and untreated. The new owner went about in the search of someone who did terrazzo floor cleaning or looked for opinions to get it cleaned.

Now, terrazzo is something that is generally recommended for high traffic and commercial areas. It is durable. Dried up water based paint on terrazzo floor should be rewet and then cleaned off by the use of a number of applications of the product named Krud Kutter that are available in all the leading stores. Each of the applications should be soaked for about 5 minutes before it is scrubbed off with a brush with medium bristles. The key point, in doing terrazzo floor cleaning using the applications, is allowing the dried paint to be saturated by the Krud Kutter. Once the paint has saturated, it is scrubbed off.

When the floor has been cleaned completely, the shine of the interiors can be restored with the use of Zep Neutral Floor Cleaner. However, for paints that do not have water as their base, aggressive removers are needed such as Goof Off. However, use of aggressive solvents requires the user to cautious as they may sometimes cause a discoloration of the floor. One problem that still persisted after the terrazzo floor cleaning was pits were created on the floor due the tearing away of the carpet with which chips of wood came up. For the repair what they needed were natural stone, grout, and a Stain Blocker. The grout’s colour should be matched with that of terrazzo tile. The nails that had fixed the carpets to the floor previously should be removed using special technique. It should be kept in mind that removing the pins requires a number of special techniques. These techniques become much easier with the effect of terrazzo floor cleaning.

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