How To Restore a Wood Door

How To Restore a Wood DoorThe renovation of old wooden door surfaces, in most cases, can be done independently. To do this, the desire to preserve are faith and truthful, qualitatively manufactured strong and solid entrance doors and intrusive interior rooms beautiful and elegant interior doors.

After making a decision to renew the wooden doors with your own hands, you can start preparing for the work. If you need to upgrade several different, wooden design doors, you must take into account that the main types of work on upgrading the entrance and interior doors are similar to each other.

How to update the old door

When planning work with the entrance door, it is necessary to remember that the main volume for painting works is carried out after removing the door leaf from the hinges. At the same time, a situation is possible when the entrance to the living space for a long period of time will be open. To avoid such a situation, it is possible, for example, in advance, before removing the canvas, to begin to remove the old paint and varnish coating.

With the independent preparation of the preparatory works, a technical hair dryer, a tape shilling machine and a set of tape sandpaper with a grain size index of 40 to 150, a drill with a set of drills, a knife with a small tooth for a tree, sets of joinery chisels, knifes, flat paint brushes and paps will be required. In the absence of personal use of power tools, it is strongly recommended that they be taken at the rental point at the time of work. It is also necessary to take care of the means of protection. Need respirators, rubber and combined gloves, eye protection and working clothes.

Before starting work, the door cloth must be carefully removed from the hinges and put horizontally and steady on two identical in height of the stand. Door fittings are removed for inspection, repair or subsequent replacement. After this, the immediate cleaning of the surface of the door begins from the old paint and varnish coating.

wooden door

The old coating can be removed by such methods as tested in practice: the mechanical effect of tape sandpaper, which is actuated by grinding tool, thermal treatment from a technical hair dryer and chemical destruction of the paintings of paint and varnish coatings. According to the feedback, the proper quality of preparation and preservation of the integrity of the wooden surface corresponds to the use of a grinder with the optimal selection of granularity of sandpaper. For best results in finishing the surface of a grinder, it is recommended that before starting work on a door cloth, perform a checking grinding of any free wooden structure.

When working with chemical washers or hair dryers, strictly observe the rules of personal safety, for the timely removal of the old swabs with metal spatulas, carefully monitor the change in its condition. When working with flushes, you must comply with the instructions for use indicated on the packages. Otherwise, the irreversible change in the color of the wood may occur.

Depending on the state and complexity of the configuration of the surface to be treated, it is used as a separate application of each method of removing the old coating, as well as their combination in the processing of individual portions of the door leaf.

After removing the cover, a wooden door is applied or a layer of varnish or paint of any color. Each next layer must completely dry, only then move on to the next. If you need a first coat of small cracks and irregularities, then the process should be performed before painting the doors. After the primer, the door must again be polished.

Picture Credit: Ari He, Capri23auto