How to Get Your Home Ready For Christmas

8 Easy Tips to Refresh Your Home this ChristmasNew year we love all for the atmosphere of fairy tales and everywhere festive mood. Christmas and New Year’s decor in the interior – this is not only a coziness, but also a charge of positive and inspirational.

1. Fir branches

Ideally, of course, it is better to use a real needle, but branches from artificial spruce are also suitable. When buying, take an extra little little tree to sort it into separate fir-tree bouquets.

From the branches you can make garlands, put together in a wreath or make a bouquet – then the Christmas tree will not look lonely, since with it in pairs will work additional green decoration. If you use real branches of conifers for a bouquet or table composition, then surely as a base, take the floral sponge, which you will need to periodically water, so that the greenery remains fresh. You can decorate the branches using red, silver or golden ribbons, cones, inserts from bare branches of trees covered with paint.

Tip: For effective placement of coniferous compositions, use a cigarette stand on a high leg as the basis for attachment.

2. Cozy accessories for the interior

Use the cozy cozy cloths of a large knit or made of artificial fur for the decoration of the room: just casually put it on the back of the chair or sofa. Large, large sofa cushions with soft textile or fur padding, which have a rest, will be useful in large numbers: they can be divided into groups not only on sofas and armchairs, but also on window sills, near the balcony doors, not far from the fireplace. Artificial skins can be replaced by a bedside carpet.

3. Winter flavors

The smell and aroma of the holiday are integral components that are memorized and raised. We perceive the interior and the world around us through all sensory organs, therefore, the aromas for a long time are associated with one or another event in our lives.

In addition to the aroma candles, use natural flavors in their bouquets and wreaths: cinnamon sticks, bergamot stars, dried ovens of oranges of oranges – they can be attached to a glue gun in any bouquet, and they will fill your home with the true aura of the holiday.

4. Artificial snow

Create an unusual winter table snowboard composition. Buy artificial fruits in any store and give them a snowy look with artificial snow and blisters.

You can use glue, roll over them in artificial snow, silver spangles, and you can buy a finished “snowy” spray, which is used by decorators. Prepare a beautiful dish and lay out fruits – the central decorative Christmas composition for your table is ready!

Artificial snow

5. Multi-level decor

To create an atmosphere of celebration in one composition, be sure to use objects of different height: combine high candlesticks and large-sized candles with small round balls, decomposed next to them on the branches, and standing figures. In the room as a whole, try to engage the surfaces at different levels, so as not to create a flattened one plane effect.

6. New Year cards

Once upon a time, we all waited for greetings in the form of postcards, sent them by themselves – and this was a whole ritual. Today you can bring warm children’s memories of the holiday by simply inserting New Year greetings into New Year’s decor, or creating an entire composition, a garland of lovely Christmas cards. In addition to postcards, get your old photos from the archive – let them briefly become part of your holiday, remind you of important moments of your life, and support family comfort.

7. Non-standard application

Use the New Year decoration in different ways, combine and come up with a new version. From giant hanging paper snowflakes you can wrap a garland and decorate a staircase, a doorway or a window.

From the beads, you can “warp” the wreath, cutting out the board in the form of “bagel” from the cardboard and attaching the balls with the help of a glue gun. Colored feathers, fluff, insets made of artificial fur – Excellent accents in festive compositions.

8. Sweets

The holiday is always something tasty, pleasant little things and small treat. Use dried fruits, nuts, cranberries in sugar, candy in the New Year’s wrap, and create a festive edible composition in the kitchen and in the living room.

Let the delicacies be accessed in the spectacular festive dishes. Candies on beautiful satin ribbons can be used both in the decor of the very tree, for example, for the framing of the passage or the window. Children will be happy, although you will have to constantly update this decoration.

Picture Credit: stux, Mariamichelle