How To Paint A Front Door Without Removing It

How To Paint A Front Door Without Removing ItThe front door is the first impression of the whole apartment as a whole, for this reason it should not only be strong and reliable, but also beautiful. If you can not put a new door, you can insulate the iron entrance door or paint the old – it’s easy to do, and the design depends only on the imagination of the owner of the living space. Even if there is no experience in painting work, modern materials and equipment solve this problem, and the painting process becomes a pleasure. In this case, the competently selected coating will perform the decorative function, and protect the door from moisture, corrosion, mechanical impact.

To paint on the wooden doors lay flat and hold on for a long time, it is necessary to conduct preparatory work. It is necessary to remove all accessories, lock and remove all old paint. This can be done as a nailer, and a solvent depending on the material of the door. As an option, you can use warehouses that cause cracking and exfoliation of paint. Further, the door is cleaned of dust and scales of paint and covered with an oil primer – the door must be left to dry. After that you can paint.

You can use a paint spray or a brush as a painting tool. The use of the paint bulb significantly reduces the time consumption, but also with the brush you can gently apply the paint.

To gently apply a layer of paint, first paint the film, and only then – the plates and ends. If the texture is visible on the surface of the door, then it needs to be painted according to its direction – this will avoid large patches.

As for metal doors, then its dyeing begins with degreasing the surface. We remove oil stains with solvent or alcohol composition, it is also necessary to clean the stains of the old paint, corrosion and dust. The new door needs to be treated in the same way, because it comes in the tracks of the factory lubricant, which protects the metal from corrosion.

The paint for painting the metal should be oil. Alternatively, you can use car enamel or powder spray, which has the maximum resistance to external influences. Instead of a paint, you can use alkaline or alcoholic varnish – this allows you to ennoble the door leaf, preserving the same color, or to give the metal a unique shade. The varnish is applied in four layers, the intervals between application of layers are about 40 minutes.

Picture Credit: congerdesign