How To Care Wood Floors

Here's Exactly How To Care Wood FloorsAs luxurious as the wood floors look, it is so demanding in care and needs to be treated with special products of covering and protection. Paint coatings protect the wood from mechanical and biological damage, emphasizing the uniqueness of the wood pattern.

Floors varnishing

The most common type of coating for wooden floors is varnish. It is a better protector for wood from abrasion and external influences than wax or oil.

As for the care of wooden floors, always remember that wood is a natural material that is sensitive to humidity and temperature contrasts. Therefore, the wooden floor can be slightly deformed if such contrasts are allowed on the premises.

Home microclimate

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a certain microclimate in the home with an air humidity of 40-60% and temperature of 15-25°. How to maintain such parameters of the microclimate, you ask. For example, when the humidity decreases, the temperature should also be decreased and a humidifier should be used or an aquarium or a decorative fountain should be installed.

High humidity

With increased humidity in the room, you need to turn on the heating or air conditioner, which will dry the air. The best choice for monitoring temperature and humidity indicators is special devices.

Daily cleaning

For daily cleaning of the floor, it is enough to vacuum or wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Clean stains with water or a weak solution of detergent.

Floor maintenance

Never try to clean the floor surface with abrasive tools. To protect the floor from mechanical damage due to the movement of furniture, you can use felt pads.

Additional protective agent

No matter how carefully you treat the new floor, over time the varnish will wear off in some areas. This process can be hindered by using protective compounds. They create an additional protective layer that increases the wear resistance of the tree. Once every six months apply a special protective and decorative agent.

Modern protective means for the care of wooden floors and their timely application will significantly extend the service life of the coating and preserve its excellent appearance.

Picture Credit: VistaCreate