Feng Shui Tips to Improve The Energy In Your Home

Feng Shui Tips to Improve The Energy In Your HomeTo put family relationships in order and to establish inner harmony, the house should be kept clean and follow certain advice on its arrangement.

Top 7 Feng Shui Tips

The most basic rule – keep the house clean. Do not forget to regularly wash inaccessible places, because it is there that accumulates negative energy that can affect the well-being and even health of the household.

Make an audit on the shelves, and all that for a long time did not use – boldly throw it away.

Broken things, cracked dishes, broken appliances and everything that went wrong – also need to be removed from home. All these objects attract negatives to themselves, which means they influence the inhabitants of the apartment.

If the house is scheduled repair or some dramatic changes, it is advisable to do it gradually. It is believed that innovations that have come into the house can bring new events to life. To get used to them, it is recommended to do something significant slowly.

The behavior of relatives influences the feng shui apartment. You can not swear loudly at a quarrel, make trouble and scream. This can worsen not only relationships within the family, but also undermine health.

Pets and plants can increase the vital energy of Qi. That is why Feng Shui recommends keeping a pet in the house, or at least a pot.

You should get rid of unpleasant smells in the house immediately. Incense or aroma oils will help to give the room a pleasant aroma. They, by the way, in a different way affect the mood of a person. Pick your own oil in accordance with the needs and get a double effect from their application.

Compliance with these simple rules will help to normalize the energy of the house, and also – this is an excellent reason to sort out old things and restore order in your family nest.

Picture Credit: Foto-Rabe