7 Ways To Make A Home More Energy-Efficient

7 Ways To Make A Home More Energy-EfficientWhen you save energy, you save money
Energy efficiency concerns not only those who want to save the environment. Energy efficiency can have a very positive effect on your wallet. And this, regardless of whether it is about something important, like installing solar panels, or about something insignificant, like a light switch that reacts to movement.

There are many ways you can resort to make your home more energy efficient. Some changes may be a one-time investment, some you can do every day! However, you do not have to follow every step to be energy efficient. Even if you implement two or three of these changes, you will save energy, money, and nature as well.

Take care of the insulation of your home
1 step. Adding new or additional insulation to the ceiling, attic, or walls, as well as sealing your doors and windows, will protect you from cold drafts and leakage of warm air. This will keep you warm indoors during a harsh winter. (When the heat comes, these same improvements will help keep cold air from the air conditioner in your house in the hot summer.)

Replacement of old windows
2 step. Windows are the main way of heat leakage in the house.
Insert extra glass. Double or triple-glazed windows filled with argon gas are great for keeping warm and preventing cold from entering the house.
Dim your windows. Open the blinds. Why not turn off the light and let in some sun? Sunshine your home – 100% free!

Replacement of old appliances
3 step. Older appliances are less energy efficient than newer models. Replace these Old appliances in your home with an Energy Star certified appliances. This will go a long way in saving energy and reducing your electricity bills. When it comes time to replace the kitchen appliances, washing machine, hair dryer, water heater, etc., analyze their parameters to find out which product is the most energy efficient. When buying, pay attention to the models marked “Energy Star Certified” to make sure that you purchase an energy and money saving device.

Use your technique more efficiently
4 step. Read the operating manual for each device to learn about best practices. Also be careful when using your equipment. Minimize your costs by maximizing its use. Each time do a full load of linen and dishes. Since your refrigerator is the only appliance in your home that works all the time, maximize its efficiency by using it at the most optimal temperature settings.

Go to use fluorescent lamps
5 step. Use LED bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. Despite the fact that they are more expensive, the end result is a significant savings. LED lamps have a life expectancy of eight to twelve times longer than incandescent bulbs. Even a combination of fluorescent and incandescent bulbs to illuminate the home will have a positive effect on overall energy consumption. Energy efficiency at home – it is always the attention in the details.

Install solar panels
6 step. Generating even a small amount of your own electricity with solar panels can help you reduce energy costs.

Plant a tree
7 step. From the side of your house, which is most intensely illuminated by the sun in the summer months, plant several shady deciduous trees. The leaves of the tree will give shade in the hottest time of the day, and naturally, they will help keep cool in your home.

Picture Credit: PhotoMIX-Company