6 Things You Can Do To Keep The Air Around You Fresh

6 Things You Can Do To Keep The Air Around You FreshMany people do not think about the importance of clean air in the house. But the air we breathe every day must remain fresh and non-contaminated. Otherwise, members of your family can develop diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, allergy to various forms and chronic pulmonary diseases. If you have pets, then you should seriously think about the health of your family and follow the safety measures that are proposed in this article.


  1. Remove any mold in the house because it is very dangerous to the human body. Inspect all places where mold can form, such as basement and bathroom. To remove mildew, use detergents and disinfectant so that it does not appear on the furniture. The air in the house will never be clean, if mold has been formed in some place.
  2. ¬†Control the appearance of dandruff from animals. Regularly bathe your pet to prevent the wool from forming a dandruff that interferes with the cleanliness of air in your home. Buy a vacuum cleaner with a brush that collects the wool of pets, and also often wash your pet’s bedroom. The wool and animal duster causes air in the room, so thoroughly clean the house if you have pets.
  3. Regularly wipe dust from all surfaces. But do not use a dry cloth. Dry napkins only distribute dust from the air you breathe. Use a damp cloth and special dust removal tools.
  4. Change the air filters on the home heating and cooling system. Clean the fans and filters to change the air quality in your home for the better. Refer to the user’s manual if you are not sure how to clean a particular filter.
  5. Use a dust mite on beds and furniture. Wipe the covers every week to provide clean air in the house.
  6. Get a cleaner in any supermarket or grocery store. Such air purifiers clear air pollution in your home around the clock.

Picture Credit: Pexels