5 Best Green Plants for Your Bathroom

5 Best Green Plants for Your Bathroom

If your bathroom has a lot of light at any time of the day and you want to turn it into a green oasis, you will definitely need our tips!

Green plants can make any room in the house beautiful and cozy. But when it comes to the bathroom, you need to think carefully about what plants can survive in high humidity. We will talk about five ideal plants that are suitable for this purpose.


This plant is a variety of fern, which is considered one of the most suitable options for rooms with high humidity.

If you position it correctly with the light, Asplenium will please you with its rapid growth and make your bathroom cozy and bright.


Alocasia loves humid climates and lots of light, so the bathroom where you want to place this plant should have good natural light.

However, be careful – do not place the plant too close to the windowsill, as its leaves are prone to sunburn.


Experts agree that Scindapsus is a durable, easy-to-grow plant that can survive in different places.

Although it is not a big fan of high humidity, such ivy will not die in the bathroom. Moreover, it can survive in rooms with poor lighting, as well as with irregular watering.

Aloe vera

Although Aloe vera does not require a lot of moisture, the bathroom will be quite a comfortable place for this plant. Place Aloe vera closer to the window, as bright light is a prerequisite for its successful growth.


Calathea – a plant that will feel great in the bathroom – responds very well to high humidity and can be satisfied with indirect light.

If you want to add bright color and elegance to your bathroom interior, Calathea is the perfect way to achieve what you want!

Picture Credit: Pexels