Winter Cleaning: Preparing Yourself and Home

Winter Cleaning: Preparing Yourself and HomeDepending on where you’re from, and where you live a lot of people have different experiences with seasonal cleaning habits. Just as with any season and temperature change, however, your home both on the exterior and interior – including appliances – are likely to be impacted and can even “pack in” dirt, dust, or liquids which can later destroy your utilities. Worse, malfunctioning and ‘hidden’ dirt can also make your food taste undesirable or cause it to become undercooked.

Because of this, it’s worth taking the time to give a thorough home cleaning before the temperature gets really cold outside. Ensuring you wipe and clean away any moisture buildup in places like the walls, behind appliances, under your sink, and even around your windows to prevent both freezing over and preservation of unwanted food debris, dirt, and other uncleanly particles can be very effective.

Cleaning places like your windows, blinds, and around your door and vents can also help you manage the temperature of your house better, and even let extra sunlight in to save you money on heating your home. Cleaning the dirt from these places also helps to minimize bacteria, as cold winters and weather are notorious for multiplying sicknesses and making you and your loved ones especially susceptible.

Targeting a thorough cleaning of your bathroom during your next home cleaning can be especially beneficial to your health and the overall appearance of your home to loved ones and friends. Because this room and utilities can attract so many bacteria, dirt, and muck or grime build-up this should be a heavy focus for cleaning so that you can prevent this moisture from turning into mold or mildew later on. Mold and mildew can not only destroy your home and walls, but it spreads like a contagion and can smell quite awful. And since your windows and doors are likely to all be closed tight and sealed during the winter this can be an especially stressful if you’re stuck all season smelling and looking at it. It can also be very costly to have mold professionally removed and make necessary repairs to any walls or space damaged.

This winter considers putting in extra time, work and investing a good amount of both energy and dependable cleaning chemicals and supplies to clean all your floors throughout the house, as the snow melts into water and ice causes shoes to track dirt and bacteria into your home. Also, cleaning the floors regularly and after a long day, this season can help avoid letting any rock-salt seep into your floors, causing damage or permanent, unwanted markings on the floor.

Finally, taking into consideration the amount of time you’re likely to spend inside for the winter season try to find any other ‘nooks’ and crannies that may be harboring dirt, debris, and moisture to ensure you have a pleasurable winter and holiday season. Two pairs of eyes and extra hands are always helpful, and can get the job done faster so don’t hesitate to get help from your spouse or friend if possible – just ensure you use safe chemicals as it’s likely your windows and doors will all be closed.

Image Credit : jarmoluk