When and How Often Should You Clean the Gutters

When and How Often Should You Clean the GuttersImage Credit: 123switch

The designs of private houses often include drainage systems designed to drain rainwater and meltwater from the walls and foundation of the building. This makes it possible to significantly increase the service life of the house, so water does not destroy the foundation, does not cause its shrinkage. Over time, all sorts of garbage accumulates in the gutter system, in the troughs, which interferes with the normal, full-fledged functioning of the entire system. Most often, leaves from nearby trees grow in the system, small dust, carried by the wind, dust and so on. All this, accumulating in the drainage system, prevents free drainage. In addition, wet leaves become the habitat and reproduction of a large number of insects. To avoid such consequences, it is required to regularly clean the drainage system, roof, gutters.

The roof can be cleaned independently, however, it is worth noting that this is quite a laborious occupation, especially when it comes to a building of two or more floors. The frequency with which it is necessary to clean the drainage system, roof, gutters is determined depending on the number of trees growing near the house, since it is their foliage that is the main cause of blockages. If several green plantations are growing nearby, cleaning may be necessary up to 3 times a year, if there is not a single tree near the house, it will be enough once a year to clean the drainage system, roof, gutters.

It is advisable to entrust professionals cleaning the drainage system, roof, gutters, as they have the necessary equipment for working at height, as well as equipment, through which effective cleaning is carried out.

What causes clogging in gutters

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What causes clogging in gutters?

  • The precipitation system serves to redirect their surpluses to rainfalls. When the troughs are full, water accumulates in them, and then finds a way out in unplanned places. Careless attitude to cleaning gutter structures over time leads to serious problems that disrupt the operation of the entire system.
  • Dampening of facades, blurring of the foundation. On a canal plugged with garbage, outflow of storm water is difficult or not possible at all, because of what accumulated water flows down in the wrong place. It hits the walls of the building, blurs its foundation, destroys the blind area, penetrates into the premises. From here on the facade there are wet spots, dampness, a fungus is formed. Even if the water does not have time to get on the walls of the building, it can leak through the roofing. What problems arise due to the leaking roof, it is not worth explaining.
  • Breakage of drainage system. The trenches overflowing with wet debris create an excessive load on the structure and its individual components, which significantly increases the likelihood of their breakage and even collapse.
  • Distribution of pests and mold. Dampened foliage impregnated with storm water or thawed water, is a favorable environment for growth of moss, lichen and development of mold. In the same place, pathogenic bacteria, microorganisms and even larvae of insect pests will multiply.
  • Bearded dry leaves on the roof, grass blades, feathers of birds in hot weather can cause a fire.

If you regularly clean the drainage system, the roof, gutters, you can not worry about the reliability of the system, the condition of the walls and the foundation, possible water leakage into the house.

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