Top Eco Style Ideas for Interior Design

Once people did not suspect that they live in houses organized according to the principles of Eco Style. In this respect, in general, no one specially organized: all materials were already natural. But for a generation that does not know the world without plastic and synthetics, Eco Style has become a new direction in the organization of living space.

It may seem that building a house in the style of eco – too expensive. The cost of natural materials today is high, and if you use them both as construction and as finishing, and then add more natural decor, then there will not be enough money. In fact, the arrangement of your home in Eco Style can be not only economical, but even cheaper than home improvement in some other style.

Top Eco Style Ideas for Interior Design

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Walls: background for Eco Style

It is not necessary to cover the walls with panels made of expensive natural wood. If you can not yet afford the trim of mahogany or cherry, select panels of pine – wood, which has a very healthy energy. Moreover, with modern methods of processing and finishing (varnishes, impregnations, etc.) and expensive panels of expensive wood, and wall panels from the more common, look about the same. Connoisseurs, of course, distinguish, but, tell me honestly, what a chance that tomorrow the cabinetmaker will come to visit you?

If you are confused by the price of panels even from an inexpensive tree array, do not be discouraged. And veneer on what? Consult with the consultant, and you will immediately be offered a choice of natural wood paneling.

One of the most inexpensive options for eco-friendly wall decoration – wallpapers from natural materials. It is not necessary to ask prices for cork wallpaper, if at the moment they are expensive for you. By the way, cork wallpaper – nothing like a cork veneer, glued to the base. Today, there are a lot of such natural “veneer” wallpapers.

“The most natural of natural” wallpaper of bamboo, cane, arrowroot, algae in cheapness, too, are not seen. Of these materials, the wallpaper is customary for all – on paper or non-woven basis, as well as wallpaper without a base. In principle, the base is not needed here: these materials are glued to the wall without it.

If the task is to update the walls with natural wallpaper, but very cheaply, you will have to turn to paper wallpaper. For full compatibility with Eco Style, it is necessary to choose wallpaper with a vegetative, but not bright pattern.

Decorative plaster

An inexpensive option for eco-finishing the walls is decorative plaster. On closer inspection it turns out that this is exactly what you need: simple, noble, practical, durable, and – a great springboard for decor for any style, including eco. It is interesting that the “stone” or “decorative-plaster” decoration of the walls can be combined with the decoration of the wallpaper. This is not a combination, but a dense wallpaper coating, which is not painted, but stone crumb, quartz sand, etc. Full impression that the walls are painted with expensive decorative plaster. And how practical!

Furniture of my house

Joyous news: almost all furniture is such that you can fit it into eco-style.

Furniture of my house

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If with the replacement of facades of the problem, it is possible to decorate the “not absolutely ecological” plastic with some more suitable material. By the way, the kitchen set looks very stylish, with the facades of cabinets covered with natural mats (rattan, bamboo, straw or their imitators).

For the interior in Eco Style the wicker furniture is the best. Today such furniture: it is considered stylish and “rich”. As for the latter, it is not surprising: wicker sofas, armchairs, tables, etc. are not cheap.

Plants for Ecotypes

Plants for Ecotypes

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Without plants, Eco Style will not work, because it is to some extent the imprint of nature itself. It is clear that one or two plants in pots here can not do, but the amount also does not solve the problem. Organizing your living space in the Eco Style, it is best to create a small corner of nature, that is, to concentrate indoor plants in one place. A small garden can look very impressive, especially if it is organized with different levels of shelves, supports, etc. And if you add a corner of nature with stones, beautiful snags, an aquarium – it will impress anyone who visits you.

Pleasant trifles


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When the base is, decorate is easy. And the decor of Eco Style is so diverse that this task can turn into a fascinating occupation. Linum, cotton prints, coarse calico, silk curtains, tablecloths, bedding, wool carpets, mats, matting on the floor, ceramic dishes. And many, many beautiful decorative things that you can not only buy in the art salon, but also make by yourself.