What Time of the Year is perfect for a Home Remodeling Project?

What Time of the Year is perfect for a Home Remodeling Project
A great majority of homeowners and proprietors would surely be interested to know the opportune time in a year that’d be apt for a home refurbishment project. And the most befitting answer would be that anytime of the year would be appropriate so long as homeowners were sincere about implementing the project in letter and spirit. Having said that, it can be interjected some specific months are more suitable than others, when it comes to completing particular renovation projects like kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling.

However, that doesn’t necessarily imply that taking up a home refurbishment job during those months will result in cost-savings. Of course, for homeowners and property owners the most suitable time is when the prices of raw materials are at their lowest and renovation contractors charge the best rates (read cheap). Contractors are most likely to charge below the market rates during the off-season.

What most landowners and proprietors find frustrating is that the advantages or benefits (low cost of cement, paint or lumber and modest rates of contractors) may not coincide or be available simultaneously. So what you’d need to do is to plan well in advance (by balancing out materials costs and contractor rates) so that you can get your kitchen remodeling project completed effectively.

January to March Refurbishments

The harsh winter months when the temperatures are below freezing point might discourage you from venturing outside if it’s not absolutely necessary. The air is chilly and the ground is dry and frozen which are ideal conditions for carrying out a major bathroom remodeling task. You can dig up the floor for replacing the old, worn-out tiles with new ones without having to worry about moisture settling in as the humidity or RH levels are quite low.

Additionally, since very few homeowners may undertake remodeling jobs during the cold season, the demand for building materials is consequently likely to be low. This also entails that contractors are unlikely to have too many projects to juggle at this time of the year. So, the period from January to March seems to be the most apt for getting on with your home restoration project.

April-June Remodeling

Come April and every builder near your home get busy with processing orders for doing up the courtyard, deck or the porch. April heralds the onset of the spring cleaning and building season which lasts till June. The three month window from April to June is when most of the homeowners spring to action to smarten up their homes, especially the outdoors.

This is the time of the year when proprietors receive their tax refunds and therefore are flush with funds. The weather is also pleasant as the temperatures are neither too high nor too low and the days are sunny enabling contractors to work efficiently. If you feel that the deck outside the main entrance or the porch at the backside needs to be revamped, then the spring months are ideal for the same.

However, bear in mind that you’ll be paying through your nose and there’s no guarantee that the job will be accomplished as per specifications as your contractor will be handling too many projects.

July to September Renovations

The months from July through September when its summer in mid-Atlantic US, is without doubt the most apposite period for getting started with that bathroom or kitchen remodeling that you had planned a long time ago. As a homeowner, you’re aware that the bathroom and kitchen are two areas in your home that are most prone or vulnerable to moisture deposition. Since you handle the maximum water in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom, it follows that the structures in these spaces like the countertop, cabinets, drawers, faucets, sinks, floors and tiles attract moisture.

As temperatures remain quite high at this time of the year, it is the ideal period to opt for a bathroom remodeling job as water or moisture will dry up more quickly.

October-December Redecorations

The holiday season starts almost from the end of October and continues till the 1st week of January. So, it follows that both homeowners and contractors are in a tearing hurry to get renovation projects completed as fast as possible. So the holiday season offers you the perfect opportunity for a kitchen remodeling that you’ve been putting on the backburner from time to time. Contractors will be too willing to bend over backwards to match your rates and the ‘Home Depot’ outlets will be offering hefty discounts on materials.


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