The Good And Bad Side Of Tile Roofing

The Good And Bad Side Of Tile RoofingTile roofing has been around since antiquity.  The ancient Greeks are said to be the first ones to use it but that might go back even further.  The bottom line is that tile roofing works and that’s why it is used today all over the world.

The primary good that tile roofing does is protects a building from damage due to to weather.  From hot and sunny climates to cold and wintery ones, tile roofing has proven itself over time to be the roofing of choice.  The reason is because it is made of clay or cement, rocky materials.  Molded into forms that can be easily constructed and laid, the tiles are so strong that they can last for decades without replacement.  Some buildings have had the same tile roofing for over a hundred years but it is advisable to replace or heavily maintenance them around 20 years or so.

Tile roofing is also safety measure across the board.  They can prevent fires and contain them.  Should a fire erupt near the structure and embers are falling from the sky, then the tile roofing will not catch fire thus preventing the flames from taking hold.  Same thing occurs within the structure.  The tile roofing will prevent flames from erupting from within and spreading to the rest of the building.  Preventing heavy objects from crashing through the roof is another advantage.  Trees, rocks, even chunks of ice can be repelled by tile roofing if the roofing material is strong enough.

We also need to talk aesthetics as the tile roofing can and usually is beautiful to behold.  Not only that but it’s resistant to insects and other creatures boring into it.  This is a major savings on maintenance right there.  Keeping the critters from destroying your home is a must anyway you can do it.

Finally, there’s the matter of weight.  These roofs weigh a lot so take that into consideration.  The tiles may not need to be replaced for decades but the underlying materials need maintenance to prevent caving in.

Tile roofing should never be sneezed at.  It’s a tried and true method of roofing that one will find the world over and for good reason.  The elements can wreak havoc on a structure and the first part of that protection is the roof itself.  Not using a material strong and durable enough can lead to disaster.

Overall the pluses outweigh the minuses in tile roofing.  An affordable and durable as well as time tested solution to roofing.