Repairing Leaks in Copper Pipes

plumbing-copper-pipesWhen copper plumbing water pipe leaks, corrodes or bursts because of freezing, fixing it is the last option left to homeowners. Some people choose to repair leaks with repair clamp whereas some choose repair coupling. Both the materials are effective in stopping leaks but repair coupling definitely offers a permanent solution.

Fixing leaks by using repair clamp is quite easy. The clamp consists of a rubber a pad which can be accessed by opening the screws. After locating the leak, the clamp just requires to be placed over plumbing pipe leak in a way so that leak is covered entirely. After closing the clamp, screws can be tightened and the water valve opened to check whether working properly or not.

Repair coupling requires a different approach where a small portion of pipe (leaked) requires to be cut out from both ends. After cleaning and applying flux on all 4 cleaned surfaces, it is time to solder the new coupling. It is required to slide repairing coupling over one pipe and then insert the other end of pipe onto coupling. After positioning it in an accurate manner, flame of the torch flame should be aimed towards one side of joint and tip of solder wire should be kept at opposite side. The solder will start melting which should fall on the joint. Same way, the other end should also be soldered so that both the joints are properly fixed and the leaked copper pipe back in working condition.