Keeping Rugs in Tip Top Shape

area-rug-cleaning-in-TampaSome individuals wonder if area rug cleaning is even possible. For some, a bad spill prompts them to throw their rug away. However, that may not necessarily be the right step to take. It may be possible to clean that area rug in order to make it last much longer.

Wall-to-wall carpeting and some area rug materials can be cleaned by a professional, cotton. However, silk, Turkish, Navajo, Chinese, Berber, Afghani, and other types of woven rugs should be cleaned in ways that are friendly to their fabric. In other words, a professional rug cleaner can get the job done.

Rug Styles

There are different types of rugs out there. To ensure that area rug cleaning is effective, you have to make sure you get a good rug. Look for area rugs that are woven. You know they are woven when they have the same design on the front and back. Wool is also the best material because it is sustainable and nearly indestructible. However, hand-woven is the most valuable, although there are some brands that make very good machine-woven rugs.

If you purchase rugs that they are wool and silk, the silk is not what you may think it is. Instead, it is machine-made viscose and it is a material that is weak and can yellow over time. It even sheds, so a room-size silk rug that costs less than $1,000 may not be the real thing.

Rug Care

While vacuuming a rug may seem like a great idea to maintain it, the vacuums of today may be too aggressive, especially if the floor is hard underneath. If you wish to vacuum as a part of your area rug cleaning routine, it is best to use a canister vacuum once or twice each week. The beater bar should be set high so it is less abrasive and the vacuum should be moved from side-to-side and not end-to-end so that any fringe that may be on the rug is not grabbed. The back of the rug should be taken outside and vacuumed once per year.

As far as washing rugs, they should only be washed every two to three years. Even if the rug doesn’t look dirty, it can slowly get duller and the fringe will start to look bad. As a part of your area rug cleaning, wash the dust that has settled down into the rug out and it will continue to look great.

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