How to Choose Colors for a Bedroom

How to Choose Colors for a BedroomImage credit: yoosafabdulla

Thinking over all the details of the new interior and repair in the bedroom, do not forget about the spectacular and correct color solution, as it will depend on this comfortable rest and sleep. So, the colors in the bedroom: what to choose – the task is not easy, because in addition to personal preferences, you need to consider the influence of the color palette on the psychological state, and the size of the room, and even the amount of natural light.


The bedroom is primarily a recreation area, which means that the first thing that its color scheme should focus on is relaxation and complete tranquility. Designers do not recommend the use of bright, invasive and aggressive colors, but they are approved by subdued halftones and light shades. So, from red, orange, yellow, blue and of course black colors it is better to refuse. But purple, lilac, gray-blue, olive and light brown palettes will be just right. The optimal solution is also the choice of any pastel tones based on personal wishes.


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Colors and sizes

If you want visually do not hide the space – give preference to light tones and a small inconspicuous picture. This is especially true of rooms where the windows face west and north, as they receive a minimum of sunlight. Large patterns and ornate gilt – not the most suitable option: first, in such an interior is difficult to fall asleep, and secondly – it is the elements that irritate the brain, and not soothing it. At large sizes of the bedroom it is good to decorate one of the walls in dark colors, and all the others in paints are lighter in 3 colors. When projecting the windows to the south, you can safely choose cool colors – in the summer, such a bedroom will be an island of coolness. And people who have windows in the east direction will be helped by dark colors. Particularly relevant will be a solution for fans to sleep long in the morning – thick curtains in dark colors and the same walls will help to get a good sleep and protect from early awakenings.

Colors and sizes

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Selection methods

The most correct, according to experts, is the method of combining no more than four colors, with three of them should refer to the same scale. For example, cherry, maroon, light pink and for dilution is white. Or light green, olive, marsh and gray. Such selections will not irritate the nervous system and will have a beneficial effect on the psyche.

It is important for married couples to pay attention to the temperaments of the couple: muffled shades are more appropriate, and those who are not so hot-tempered and tend to melancholy are better able to decorate the bedroom in saturated, energizing tones.

And finally, take into account the combination of all the details of the interior is really important, so in advance, think over all the details if the furniture, walls and accessories will be discordant among themselves – a full rest will not work. Even an incorrectly selected chandelier can become an object of insomnia and nervousness. So the colors in the bedroom: what to choose is not just a thesis, but a vital necessity.