Home Renovations: How to Maximize Your Time and Money

Home Renovations: How to Maximize Your Time and MoneySo, it’s that time of the year again and you’re considering some upgrades, renovations, or changes in your home, and are perhaps a bit uncertain as to where to start, or how much it’ll cost. Well, look no further!

Determining which room you should start in, and what type of upgrades to consider investing in should first involve you surveying and determining what’s most important to you. For example, do you intend to live in your home long-term (10-20+ more years)? If not, would investing in home renovations possibly make you more comfortable and your family safer in your current home?

For some people, homes are bought with the intention of reselling, or, are they exploring the current market and what types of modern upgrades or renovations might increase their home value the most. But, when it comes to home renovations it really depends on the current condition of your home, appliances, their modern design, and how much you’re truly willing to invest versus what you’ve already paid for the home.

In many cases, the kitchen is your most valuable asset, and if it’s not already a modern design with quality materials, such as a marble countertop, or real, genuine wooden cabinets these may be some noteworthy investments to maximize both your profit now, and the future sale of your home. Though, it’s worth considering before bringing in contractors that you first map out what changes you desire the most, where, if you wish to modify any of the room sizes, and of course your total budget.

Both professional home renovators, as well as homeowners and real estate experts alike would agree that the kitchen is the most profitable room for you to renovate first, but it does have its share of challenges. For starters, depending on the other types of home renovations you’ll do, such as painting or ripping up walls, it may or may not be in your best interest to actually do the kitchen last.

Other helpful notes for preparing for home renovations is determining what you want to be done, and the most practical, time and money saving order in which you wish to complete them. Prioritize each renovation, ideally on a sheet of paper or journal, and be sure to take notes of the different types of furniture or specific changes you’d like to see in the near future.

May it be outside or in, you should always focus your funds and energy on any necessary repairs first. In other words, before investing $2000 into that beautiful crystal chandelier you’ve always wanted, consider repairing or upgrading your piping, repainting the walls, and replacing any steps or other elements that may have become faded, worn, or broken over time.

Ultimately, for both the sake of safety, as well as cosmetic appearance, being strategic in how you apply home renovations is critical to making the most out of your money and time.

Remember, it’ll only cost you lost funds and effort if you have to redo a wall a second time, or perhaps replace expensive flooring due to contractors working on other elements of your home renovations before it’s complete and causing damages.

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