Green and Eco-Friendly Products for Cleaning the House

There are different ways through which the home can be cleansed perfectly simply by using home products generally found in nearly every household. Apart from assisting with saving expenses these products are not harmful like the ones found in the markets.

Baking soda happens to be a common example for those who wish to undertake green home cleaning. It has wide range of applications starting from cleaning kitchen cabinets to tidying up carpets. Mixture of cornmeal, borax and baking soda in different proportions help with the tidying up of carpets. Another popular product is white vinegar. The cleaning agent helps with different modes of cleaning perfectly suitable for all types of households. Surfaces of the bathroom, kitchen and other areas of the home can be effectively cleaned by applying white vinegar. It is more effective when mixed with appropriate proportions of borax.

Another green home cleaning substance is hydrogen peroxide. Not only does it assist with banishment of tough and hard stains but also serves the purpose of a disinfectant. Moulds can even be eliminated with hydrogen peroxide mixed with water. Castile soap helps with the removal of greasy stains from the kitchen and also disinfects the entire area. Lemon juice apart from providing a nice fresh smell serves as stain eliminator when mixed with hot water and castile soap. The floor of the home can be cleansed with the prepared solution. Club Soda proves effective with stain removal and polishes the surfaces where it is applied. Windows can easily be shined with lemon juice mixture and club soda.