Get Ready For Storm Season: Essential Steps To Protect Your Roof And Property

Get Ready For Storm SeasonAs homeowners, we are constantly faced with the ever-changing seasons and the unpredictable weather they bring. The weather acts as a relentless force, causing wear and tear on the exterior of our homes. From the degrading effects of sunshine to the increased risk of leakage and flooding due to rain, we find ourselves in a perpetual battle against the elements. Even seemingly harmless things like wind can wreak havoc, tearing shingles off our roofs. In areas prone to summer hurricanes, such as Florida, it is essential to prepare our homes to withstand the onslaught of storm season. Here are some vital steps to safeguard your house.

Batten down the hatches

Derived from maritime terminology, “battening down the hatches” involves securing all openings in preparation for an approaching storm. Apply this principle to your home by tightly closing all windows, doors, and trapdoors. Ensure that the weather stripping is in good condition and replace it if necessary. During a storm, air pressure becomes a major concern, and poorly secured doors and windows can compromise the stability of your roof. If a window or door blows open, it can create increased air pressure inside your house, pushing against the roof and potentially causing damage. By securing all openings, you can minimize the risk of roof instability during a storm.

Clean your gutters and drain spouts

Regardless of whether you anticipate heavy rains or strong winds, it is crucial to keep your gutters and drain spouts clean and free from debris. Clogged gutters can lead to an overflow of the precipitation management system, resulting in water pooling at the roof’s edge and spilling over the sides of the gutters. Properly functioning gutters and drain spouts redirect stormwater away from your house, reducing the likelihood of water damage to your sidings and roof. Additionally, overloaded gutters weighed down by wet leaves and sticks can detach from the roof, causing further damage. To protect your roof, siding, and gutters simultaneously, ensure that your gutters are clear and your drain spouts are unobstructed before the storm season arrives.

Trim tree branches

While storms bring heavy hailstones and intense winds that pose their own threats, one of the greatest dangers to your roof is falling tree branches. These branches can cause significant damage, shattering tiles and even compromising the structural integrity of your roof, resulting in costly repairs. To prevent this type of disaster, it is essential to regularly trim and maintain your trees, keeping them at a safe distance from your roof. While you cannot control the force of strong winds that may blow branches from a distance, you can at least minimize the risk of branches falling directly onto your roofing.

Taking these proactive steps to prepare your home for storm season can help protect your roof and property from potential damage. By securing openings, keeping gutters clear, and maintaining trees, you are minimizing the vulnerabilities that storms can exploit. Remember, investing time and effort in these preventive measures can save you from costly repairs and provide peace of mind during the unpredictable seasons.

Picture Credit: Freepik