Choosing the right flooring for a child’s bedroom

Choosing the right flooring for a child’s bedroom

The flooring is one of the main elements of the interior of the modern children’s room. It must be safe, reliable, beautiful and warm. Give preference to environmentally friendly materials. Taking care of the baby’s health is more important than worrying about the cost of coverage.

Basic requirements for flooring for children

The room where the small family members live is significantly different from the other premises of the apartment or house. Parents should take into account a large number of factors, equipping the floors for the nursery.

For children there are the following nuances:

  • High level of dynamic load. Kids jumping, running, playing.
  • Greater likelihood of contact with liquid on the surface of the coating. It can be juice or water for drawing.
  • During sliding games, chips, scratches and scuffs may appear on the surface.
  • One of the favorite children’s classes is drawing with felt-tip pens. But the marble divorces left by these stationery do not adorn the floors at all. Therefore, the coating in the children’s bedroom should have a high level of resistance to stains and abrasion.

The quality and performance characteristics of materials are also subject to certain requirements:

  • Environmental Safety. Coatings that release toxic fumes to the air can lead to asthma or allergic reactions in the child.
  • Depreciation of steps. Specialists do not recommend setting up in the children’s room too hard floors. They are quite dangerous for children’s health. A hard surface can provoke the development of flat feet and will be a serious load for the child’s spine.
  • Floor should not be slippery.

Finding a floor covering for a children’s bedroom that would satisfy all the points listed above is quite difficult. Manufacturers offer potential buyers a wide range of materials for the floor , but each of them has its own special advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the appropriate option, parents should focus their attention not only on the pros, but also on the shortcomings with which they are ready to accept. Remember that the choice of coverage has a great influence and age of the child. For example, for babies it is better to choose washable materials, and older children can lay a carpet with a long, fluffy pile on the floor.

Carpeting In Children’s Bedrooms

On a hard floor, a child is not comfortable to play – after all, during all moving dreams, you have to crawl or lean on your knees. For such children is more suitable warm carpet. But many modern parents, taught by a multitude of programs and the Internet, actively throw out all the “dust collectors” from children’s rooms, leaving only a sterile clean space of plastic and wood. But they forget that children’s rooms should not look like research laboratories or operating rooms, cosiness is important here. And designers around the world will agree that the first steps in this direction are textiles and soft materials.

Cork Children’s Room Flooring

The cork floor is a quality floor covering, which in its characteristics is much higher than linoleum and laminate, while its price is not as high as that of natural boards, so this floor is an ideal choice for those who do not want to save on quality.

Cork floor is very pleasant to use, it is often placed in children’s rooms, as children like to walk on such a soft warm floor. If the cork floor is laid in a locking way, and not glued, it seems to float when walking, for this effect you can forgive such a floor for all the shortcomings.

The cork floor should be chosen by those who love heat, because even in winter you can walk on such a floor barefoot, without feeling any discomfort.

If you are doing sports or dancing at home, the cork floor will be indispensable, as it has excellent soundproofing properties, you will not frighten your neighbors with your jumps or loud music. Sometimes, to soundproof the room, the cork cover is placed not only on the floor, but also on the walls.

Once a year, the cork floor must be varnished or rubbed with mastic.

The cork floor is easy to clean, it can be washed peacefully with water, besides, it does not attract dust at all.

Disadvantages of the cork floor

The cork floor would spoil too quickly if it were not covered with various chemicals. Of course, they extend the service life, but they do not make it as environmentally friendly as we would like.

The cork floor can easily be damaged by sharp objects, for example, heels, hairpins.

Heavy furniture can leave marks on the cork floor, so its legs must be provided with special stickers that distribute weight.

Image credit: ErikaWittlieb