Can I Have an Aquarium in My Home?

Can I Have an Aquarium in My Home?

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The day has come when you decided to refresh your home environment by adding something new and unusual to it. Bright, colorful, bright and eye-catching aquarium fish, will not only be an interesting addition to your decor, but also your favorite home inhabitants.

But to buy the capacity and the fish themselves is only the first step on the way to creating a home pond, but in order to make it look beautiful and harmoniously fit into the home environment, it is necessary to approach very carefully, and most importantly, creatively to the process of creating its internal design.

Before you run and buy a bunch of decorative ornaments, and they are now on sale in great abundance, you need to decide what you want to get as a result of the aquarium.

It is necessary to consider everything to the smallest detail: the size of the aquarium itself, the number and size of fish, what plants you would like to see there and how often you will have the opportunity to look after it.

In order to get a beautiful aquarium design, you need to thoroughly study the characteristics and requirements of both the aquarium fish themselves and the plants that you are going to plant there.

How to create a decorative miracle in your home

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After all, some species of fish eat certain types of plants, and some plant species need special care so that they do not start to rot or, on the contrary, grow very quickly, and only have time to remove them.

There are many techniques for creating an interesting and high-quality aquarium design, they all have their pros and cons, depending on the needs and financial aspects, the person himself chooses the most suitable option for him.

Yes, do not be surprised, an aquarian hobby will require financial investments and, if it’s serious, it’s not that small.

Styles of aquarium design
Minimalism. This design is suitable for those aquariums that stand in small rooms, because thanks to this design the room visually seems deeper. The essence of the style is that plants and other decor does not occupy more than 20% of the total area. It is best to populate such an aquarium with the same type of fish, otherwise the predators will crush the weak ones, since the latter will not be particularly hiding.
“Dutch” aquarium. This style will give its owner many concerns, as it will have to be constantly maintained in green. And the essence is that the main protagonist of such an aquarium is the plants, and the fish occupy a secondary place, and sometimes do without them. Most often used stem plants, the main purpose of this design is to achieve chic and lush thickets, which are planted on a certain principle, allowing them to cohabit well.
┬źNature┬╗. This option provides in its decor a harmonious combination of elements that seem to have come from a natural pond: snags, plants and stones of various shapes and sizes.
“Nautical”. This style may seem costly, because to create it you need to create in your aquarium a real sea, with coral reefs, plants and characteristic representatives of such depths: tropical fish. Usually in such an aquarium is quite a picturesque bottom and decoration, and the number of fish is relatively small.
In fact, we listed only the main and often encountered types of aquarium designs, which, by the way, is not so easy to recreate.

Of course, the ideal option is to invite a specialist who can decorate your aquarium correctly, pick up all the details and advise species of fish and plants.

Styles of aquarium design

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If you decide to design your aquarium on your own, you can rely on your own imagination, and if you do not trust it, you can refer to the many pictures and pictures that are on the Internet. Understand what you need to acquire and begin to create.

What should be in the aquarium?
First of all, sort out the dimensions, if you have a small aquarium, then there is no need to acquire a lot of ornaments, and also make sure that the sizes of fish and plants are not too large, otherwise they will simply be there closely.

After you sorted out the plants, solve the problem with the bottom. To create the soil can come up fine river sand, small pebbles or small pebbles. Before pouring it into the aquarium, carefully select and sift the soil so that sharp and foreign objects do not get there. Then it should be doused with boiling water, so as not to infect the aquarium with pathogenic microbes.

The next important step is decorating the aquarium with algae, they are needed not only to create a unique color, but also necessary to enrich the water with oxygen, which is so necessary for the fish.

There are various types of plants – some of them are planted in the ground, others float in the water column, while others can generally be on the surface of the water, dropping only the roots into the water. For living plants will have to look after, old and yellowed – to throw, and those that grow too large and prevent the fish from swimming – partially reduce.

For those who do not have enough time for practicing the aquarium, artificial plants can come in – they are bright and beautiful, but practically do not bring much benefit to the fish. Do not forget, if you decide to use this style of design, then the fish should be provided with an additional supply of oxygen with the help of special devices.

Coral reef

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What scenery can I use in an aquarium?
Your fish will be grateful to you if, in addition to the soil and plants, you add a few shells, stones, and maybe a couple of ceramic figurines, they will be able to explore all these expanses and depths and find a cozy corner.

The main thing is, be attentive to the choice of ceramic decor, if it is made of poor-quality materials, then they can become a source of harmful chemical elements that will constantly dissolve in water, poisoning all flora and fauna.

Therefore, choose a high-quality decor, and it is now represented by a large number of specialized stores: columns, ships, amphoras and entire buildings. With such a decor, your aquarium can become a real underwater Atlantis or any other underwater civilization.

Where to place the fish aquarium in the house?

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The main thing when choosing such a design, do not overdo it, if the bottom is too cluttered, then there will be little room in the aquarium for its other inhabitants, and this design will not look the best. You can also buy a variety of decorative stuff, which is sold in abundance in specialized stores.

Do not forget about the shape of the aquarium. If it, for example, is round, and only one goldfish lives in it, it is better not to encumber it. You can fill with colored primer and plant only one or more unusual plants.

The aquarium can easily fit into the interior of any house, besides it will perfectly clean and moisten the air in the apartment.