Benefits Of Modular Furniture For Commercial Office Relocation

Benefits Of Modular FurnitureRelocating can be an overwhelming task, especially for commercial spaces. Every moment that an office is in transition translates into lost productivity for each worker affected. Even if some employees can work from home, the environment may not be as conducive to productivity due to distractions such as pets and children. While modular furniture has numerous advantages for office designers, many fail to consider its potential use in large-scale moves. Nevertheless, the same characteristics that make it an ideal furniture option for office spaces make it a perfect fit for company moves.

Easier Inventory Management when dealing with cubicles or bench-style workstations, several crucial components need to be considered, including desks, chairs, seating, and storage such as filing cabinets or shelves. However, unlike other types of furniture, these represent the complete list of items that need to be inventoried for each workspace. While there may be some custom pieces or larger storage units involved, keeping track of physical pieces becomes much simpler.

Ease of Disassembly and Packing Establishing a disassembly system makes the job of dismantling four or five work areas or dozens of workstations much easier. With modular furniture, the same tools and methods can be used for each brand, facilitating the development of a repeatable “assembly-line” process to disassemble and temporarily store cubicle and workstation components.

This process is taken a step further when it comes to packing. Assembled furniture can take up more space, and non-modular options can have varying dimensions, protrusions, and no way of stacking or fitting together pieces. This characteristic can make it challenging to disassemble more than a few units at a time, depending on the amount of unused space in your office.

Reduced Space Requirements for Storage and Transport Businesses often do not have sufficient space to temporarily store office equipment during a move. This issue can be particularly frustrating because, unless the lease ends and the beginning dates align perfectly, temporary storage units must be found while employees are left uncertain about their workspaces. Modular furniture options make it easier and more cost-effective to move because they can be stored more compactly than alternatives, whether on moving trucks or in storage units.

Ease of Re-Assembly and Configuration Office relocation involves several moving parts, and multiple piles of unassembled equipment can be overwhelming. However, if the same installation/assembly team that disassembled the furniture reassembles it, they will know the best way to put everything back together. If any last-minute changes are necessary, modular furniture makes it easier during office relocation since the pieces are designed to fit together in various ways.

Final Thoughts on Office Relocation While using modular office furniture has significant benefits when relocating, several steps are still involved in a successful move. Using professionals ensures that your company can focus on delivering value to customers and clients, leaving the relocation process to experienced hands.

Picture Credit: Freepik