25 Items In Your Home That You Can Get Rid of Right Now

25 Items In Your Home That You Can Get Rid of Right NowAn overabundance of things clutters the apartment, adversely affects the energy and well-being of a person, complicates cleaning. However, many physically can not throw away the trash, which is so dear to the heart. But the more useless, unnecessary and unnecessary things in the house, the more chaos in your life. They complicate cleaning and collect dust, which will adversely affect your health.

A large amount of rubbish worsens the mood, negatively affects the emotional and psychological state. Therefore, getting rid of old things is easy and without regret. The article presents tips that will tell you how to get rid of unnecessary things that interfere, and throw it away.

Why it is a pity to throw out old things

According to psychologists, many things become a symbol of the past for the owner. They remind us what a person has achieved and what he has. The items are reminiscent of past events and people who have been in our lives. They become a part of a person’s life, so it’s so difficult to throw out even a spoiled product.

The property can emphasize the status and success. For example, designer clothes, furniture, cosmetics or other items, even if they are obsolete. Especially if these things were expensive.

In addition, in the wardrobe of every girl and woman there are clothes in good condition, which she does not wear. There are new things that she did not even wear. In this case, it is a pity to throw out items, even if they are not needed.

This applies to technology that is not used. For example, a coffee maker, a juicer, a toaster and other auxiliary devices that were bought just in case.

There is a rule, if you do not use a thing for more than a year, safely get rid of it. New products or items in good condition do not necessarily have to be discarded. You can take things in second hand or give it to charity.

Studies by psychologists prove that the more rubbish and things in the house, the lower the level of personal well-being of a person. The more he focuses on property, the less he is satisfied with life. Such people often suffer from depression and insomnia, depend on cigarettes and alcohol.

Improve the quality of life, move to a new level and get rid of the past you can only get rid of the trash. We offer a few tips that will tell you how to get rid of unnecessary things in the apartment.

Realize the problem

The mountain of trash does not appear immediately. It’s been accumulating for years, at first you will not even pay attention to it. A few signs suggest that it’s time to part with the old things. This should be done if you are constantly putting off repairs, dry cleaning or other procedures with objects.

These are shoes without ponies, a shirt without buttons, long trousers that need to be shortened. If the hands do not reach the repair for several months, then you easily do without these products.

If you are always late, and the reason is not in traffic jams or because you slept. And it happens because of the large number of clothes and accessories that can not be quickly found or choose the right things. Think about it, realize the problem, and you will understand that the mountain of rubbish prevents to live.

Three ways to eliminate dependence on things

  1. Focusing on emotions. It is better to spend money on vacation or entertainment than on another unnecessary thing. Emotions after traveling or interesting leisure are much brighter and happier than from things that in time lose appeal. In addition, they are bored;
  2. Understand that the quality of things is more important than quantity and variety. Less is better in this case. Agree that it is not necessary to keep in the wardrobe six identical black T-shirts;
  3. In the cleaning process involve a less emotional and more determined person. Friends or relatives are not so attached to things and will easily get rid of unnecessary things. They will give good advice, which is still useful, and that it is high time to throw out.

Proceed to harvesting

During the cleaning process, we sort things out and sort them into three categories. The first include products that are needed and used regularly. The second – good, but not used things that you can give. The third group includes old and damaged products. Such items can be safely thrown out or used as a rag.

When parsing things, answer how often you use the product. Perhaps you already have a similar product, but better. Go through memorabilia and objects. Leave only valuable, important or vintage items. Tickets to the cinema or boarding pass for the plane can be safely thrown out.

In the process, do not shift things. Each item is immediately removed to the desired place or discarded.

Do not be afraid to get rid of unnecessary things! And do not think that they will be useful if you do not use the product for more than six months. The exception is seasonal clothes and footwear, evening and holiday dresses.

But in this case, remove items if you have not used them at least once in the past year. Believe me, after getting rid, you do not even remember this subject. Below is a list of products that you need to get rid of.

25 things to throw out

  1. Damaged things (torn and stretched clothes, washed goods and towels with stained spots, shabby bedclothes, broken cup, etc.);
  2. Clothing that does not fit in size, and which you have not worn for more than 6-12 months;
  3. Old and worn shoes;
  4. Worn underwear and old swimwear or swimming trunks, tights and hosiery with holes or puffs;
  5. Costume jewelry that has lost its attractive appearance (jewelry with fallen stones and rhinestones, a torn chain or bracelet, earrings with a broken lock, etc.);
  6. Wiped bags and wallets;
  7. Spare buttons from clothes that you no longer wear;
  8. Old cosmetics (dried nail polishes, perfume probes, expired products);
  9. Old toiletries (old toothbrush, cracked soap dish, etc.);
  10. Used batteries and light bulbs;
  11. Stretched or torn hair bands, broken hairpins;
  12. Old spices, spoiled foods;
  13. Old sponges for washing dishes. Such products must be regularly changed or sterilized in boiling water or microwave, as they store a large number of microbes;
  14. Mugs with cracks and chips, and unused mugs in good condition can be donated or carried to work;
  15. Empty cans and jars, containers and boxes that you do not use;
  16. Broken kitchen utensils, broken dishes, spoiled pans;
  17. Old pillows, blankets and other bedding. Such products must be regularly changed, because they accumulate dirt and harmful bacteria, fat, dead particles of cells and hair. In addition, dangerous organisms and dust mites appear in the objects;
  18. Extra hangers. Leave only the amount that you need for your clothes;
  19. Unnecessary vases for flowers can be given, given away or even sold;
  20. Trinkets and souvenirs, a large number of soft toys attract a lot of dust;
  21. Technology and electronics that you do not use or that have broken down;
  22. Old checks and bills (receipts for payment of utilities should be stored for at least three years), school or university textbooks, notebooks. Postcards and invitations, unused discount cards and coupons, old newspapers and other waste paper;
  23. Overdue medications;
  24. Unnecessary accessories for smartphones, tablets and other equipment, including old wires and cables;
  25. Withered flowers.

When you get rid of unnecessary things, you will immediately feel light. The house will become cleaner and more free and the air will be fresh.

Image Credit: MIH83